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My People
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Updates, Random Information and All That Jazz

It's dark and stormy outside and the little tiny temperature icon on my computer is flashing red, meaning there is bad weather in our area.

I think I've mentioned before... I know that I'm addicted to the internet because if I see it raining outside, I immediately sign on to the Weather Channel website to confirm that it is INDEED raining... instead of, oh, I don't know... going outside to actually FEEL the rain.

I can also tell that bad weather is going through because the arthritis in my spine is awful in bad weather. It stinkin' hurts today.

I started the new blood pressure med and my blood pressure this morning was.... 144/85. Right now I am taking the following meds for my blood pressure:

  • hydrochlorothiazide 25mg  (this is technically to reduce swelling)
  • atenolol 100mg
  • losartan potassium 50mg
  • prevastatin sodium 20mg  (this is for cholesterol)
  • amlodipine besylate 5mg   (this is the evil drug that they think is causing all the swelling, we lowered the dose)

There are four additional medications I'm supposed to take to control the issues with my back/fibromyalgia. I have been trying to wean off two of those, however, as they cause weight gain and so its counter-productive to take medication to help my pain but cause me to gain weight which makes the pain worse.

At any rate, I'm up to the gills in pills. Pharmaceutical Industry, you're welcome.

The little weather icon has changed to orange. Perhaps the worst of the storm has passed. I don't think it ever rained, just got dark.

I've been eating much healthier this week, not counting the butter cookies I bought at the Ingles bakery. I bought a red velvet cupcake at the Country Bake Shoppe but it was, frankly, a little dry. Have you ever seen blue velvet cake? There's a recipe that keeps showing up on the ad section of my facebook. I've been trying to stick closer to whole foods/clean eating, which is usually cheaper and always healthier. I don't care how I look, I just want my back to stop hurting. Whatever will lead to that end, I'm willing to do.

I'm going to visit my parents, my kid and kid-in-law, my aunt and uncle and my cousin this weekend for my birthday. It's also my cousin's birthday. I'm excited! It will do us good to have a change of scenery and keep my mind off of things. The drive will not be easy but... heck... days like today, even just sitting isn't easy.

In the grand scheme of things, this is a source of stress but it is not what will ultimately define who I am. Although, as I mentioned yesterday, I'm not *exactly* sure who I am, I only know that it is changing. Change isn't necessarily bad.

I've been watching In Session a lot. Court drama fascinates me. I have a little crush on Vinnie Politan.

I've also been watching (as I mentioned last week) old reruns of The Waltons. I re-love that show!

I'm also playing a lot of Castleville. If you play, I've got a great tip for you: when you are visiting a friend, if you go to their little icon at the bottom of the page, hold down the shift key and click on the royal symbol in the upper right hand portion of their icon box it will automatically collect from any of their royal buildings that you are a member of. Saves you from having to go all over their kingdom to find the purple highlighted buildings to click.

I've got a half dozen projects started but not finished due to lack of motivation.

Today is a pajama/no makeup day for me.

Hope you're having a great day! Love and hugs!


Fat Free JAM said...

Heather, recently I have been moving towards a plant based diet...for various reasons...and the difference I am feeling!!! If you haven't watched Fork Over Knives, give it a watch...I'm not tying to push to one way but from experiences and own observances, if we go plant much better....I'm starting to see the difference too