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My People
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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday Night Special

Well. We knew this might happen. I got notice in the mail today that my former employer is appealing the decision to give me unemployment. I won't go too deeply into details until this is all settled because I don't want to give out too much information (first time for everything, right?).

Ultimately... I had held out no hope of receiving unemployment at the onset of this drama and the fact that I have, at least initially, been approved, shows me that my odds are much better than I thought. I can't wait until this is all over so I can share more... but in the meantime... I'm just going to make sure I've done what I can do and keep believing in good things for me and the kid. If I don't have a stroke between now and then, that is. Can't get the blood pressure under control.

So... other than that... we've had a pretty good day. The weather continues to be just absolutely perfect! Our house is still fairly cool because we don't get any direct sunshine and are in the basement... sort of.... and although I'm wearing the fuzzy socks and sweats in the house, outside I would absolutely roast dressed like that. I'm hoping it stays cool inside for not having to pay for "climate control" (heat or a/c). 

I'm having a hard time keeping anything on my stomach since the tummy bug the other day. Not for lack of trying... mind you... actually... I don't have much of an appetite and I don't feel good after I eat but it's probably because my friend Jen is having tummy trouble and I always seem to mirror whatever she's going through and vice versa. Last night we had yellow rice and green peas for dinner... I mean, it's a weird dinner and, no protein, and all that but it was what I wanted. And Austin... my weird little veggie eating kid... was mad that I "hogged the peas" (we had another can that he could have had). I woke up in the middle of the night with my belly just killing me and I'm thinking, "rice and peas? you're upset because of rice and peas? it's not like I had five alarm chili or anything". Just one of those things. I wasn't exaggerating about the viciousness of that virus. It was horrible. 

I'm relieved to know that my childhood bestie, Dewayna, is not at her home in Tornado Alley tonight. She's on vacay in Colorado... which is weird, because I would so love for her and my friend Amy who lives in Denver to hang out together. They would have a ridiculous time together! I was prepared to do the whole Jewish mother worrying about Dewayna but she's not in any harm in Colorado. I don't think. For those of you who are in harm's way... praying God's protection on you... 

My girls were in a wedding this evening... Sarabeth was a jr. bridesmaid and Jamie was a flower girl. As soon as I can hijack a picture, I'll post it. I had just a little peek and they were UH-dorable! They'll be in another wedding in May when Stasha and A.J. get married. Those girls have been in more weddings than Elizabeth Taylor! It helps that they're a matched set... and of course, since their parents worked with the youth group at church for so long... and teach in college... and work with the young adults at church now.... I mean, the girls are just in the right place. And so. durn. cute!

Austin allegedly cleaned his room last night. I haven't checked. I'm still missing a dozen pieces of silverware so I'm assuming he isn't finished... however.... the trash got taken out and the litter box was changed and the dishwasher was emptied (by me) and we still have plenty of food and the bills are all paid so I guess, what more can you ask out of life? Peace. Kitties. Internet. Life is good. Until further notice, anyways! 

Hope you are all having an awesome weekend! Love and hugs!


Bookncoffee said...

Good luck with the unemployment thing. I'm usually on the OTHER side of that (employer). I do my duty. I present the facts. I just let the government decide what it is they will do. lol

Seriously though, I wish you the best. I think you are a good person and I hope that all comes through. I know you have been through a horible time health wise.

I'm about to lose my own job. Our plant is closing. I'll pray for you and if you have time, pray for me too. I'll be checking back with you.

would you like to be facebook friends?

See ya