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My People
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Saturday, April 21, 2012

*yawn* my boring life....

You know you've been out of work too long when your definition of "dressed up" means that your fuzzy socks are in the same color scheme and your sweatshirt is on right side out.

Today... I'm... "business casual". No socks. Sweatshirt on inside out but at least not on backwards. I didn't put on makeup today but I did brush my teeth and my hair.

I made a quick grocery run at the crack of dawn this morning. Just a few ingredients because I was in the mood for taboule and my fabulous three bean salad. I'm not sure it qualifies as "cooking" but I did put the ingredients together all by myself. AND... I used my food processor that my parents got me for Christmas. Finally.

The process of food shopping (albeit brief), emptying the dishwasher, boiling the water for the taboule, chopping the tomatoes and cilantro, opening the cans of beans, mixing, cleaning up, etc took less than an hour and... by the end of that hour I already had cankles. When my legs swell they get red and hot and it makes my skin itchy and my joints ache. = Misery.

Doctor appointment on Monday. Finally.

It's prom day for Austin's school. He isn't going. No interest, whatsoever. He's just not one of those "traditional high school experiences" kind of kids. I'm ok with that.

Yesterday I had two junior burgers from Wendy's, one plain baked potato (also from Wendy's) (Wendy's was my reason to get out of the house yesterday, I try to find a reason to leave the house at least once every day. Seriously.) Anyways... Wendy's for lunch. A bowl of frosted mini-wheats for dinner. A bowl of popcorn for a snack. My eating is seriously unhealthy. Not that any of those things were BAD, per se, they just weren't really nutritious.Thus, the taboule and three bean salad. Must. eat. better.

Austin spent the night with a friend last night. I missed his occasional pop-ups. He'd still be asleep, even if he were home but it feels lonely without him.

Three hour "How I Met Your Mother" marathon this morning... Parking Wars marathon this afternoon. Then a new episode of "Welcome to Sweetie Pie's". Exciting, right?

Yesterday I watched about a half dozen episodes of The Waltons. I had not realized how cutting edge that show really was... if you think about it... they dealt with depression (a young widow was staying with them), racism (a "native american" was arrested for trying to burn down their barn because it was built on an ancient indian burial ground), Olivia, Jim Bob and Elizabeth got lost in the woods (made me teary when they finally found them)... there was an episode where John Boy was covering the landing of the Hindenberg... WWII drama... I mean, really, it was a lot more than just a sweet little depression era family.

Also... I had not realized that Grandpa (Will Geer) was an avowed communist and also bi-sexual. I'm not passing judgment on either, I'm just saying, Grandpa? Really?

It's raining. Poor girls with their prom hairdo's! But... I love the sound of the rain outside my open windows... makes everything really beautiful shades of green!

Our power bill for the past month was only $58! Makes me super happy to not have to use artificial climate control! I've already paid rent, power, internet/satellite, Austin's health insurance, trash pickup... everything I can think to pay... to get us through the end of May. The only thing I haven't paid is our monthly insurance bill for car, renters, life, etc. Just leaves living expenses (such as food) and medical expenses. I've stopped depositing unemployment checks because if they reverse the decision, I have to pay all of that back. Sad but true.

Anyways... so that's what's going on around here today. Hope you're all having a super Saturday!


Adirondackcountrygal said...

My diet has been terrible lately too. We have been struggling to get by with very little money and I have been mostly eating carbs. I polished off a box of corn pops by myself in a 3 days!

Julie said...

Boring days are the best days! I love to watch Little House on the Prairie reruns in my non-matching sweats and socks!

Julie said...
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