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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Whiny Wednesday

It's raining. And it's Wednesday. And I have never felt the full force of my various and assundry diagnosis'  in the way that I have in the past 24 hours. I ache so stinkin' bad. My joints ache... I was massaging my right wrist to alleviate the pain in the joint and the pressure of my fingers on my wrist was so intense. Imagine, if you will, a firm handshake... that hurts clear down to the bones. It hasn't been this bad for me before.

Other than that... it rained so hard last night that the rain came in between where the porch above us connects with the upstairs apartment and the rain soaked through the doorway and pooled up in the floor right inside, which fortunately, is linoleum for the first three feet or so. We no longer have a maintenance man on site so we have to submit repair requests in writing. Not that there's anything anyone could do in the pouring rain. Sounds like an insulation kind of problem... or a drainage problem... or whatever. In 9 months here this is the first time we've had this problem to this degree so I will just make the owner aware that someone needs to look at it.

Random, uninteresting events from the past few days:

  • I took Austin to school because it was raining so hard when it was time for his bus to come. 
  • I emptied the dishwasher and put in the few dishes from dinner last night. 
  • Last night's dinner was potstickers - the frozen kind - which were surprisingly very, very simple to cook and tasted as good (or better) than what we get when we order Chinese food which is very, very rare. My blood pressure + Chinese food? Bad idea.
  • The cats broke my lamp Monday night by fighting around it and knocking it to the ground for about the thousandth time. It was a tiny lamp, not really bright enough for my room (which is the largest room in the house). The overhead light in here is too stark... it gives me a headache... so I bought a floor lamp, one of those with the three bendy lights and I'm enjoying it very much. It was $20 at Walmart and I put it together ALL BY MYSELF!
  • I'm relieved that the rain washed my car for me. It was way beyond dusty. Dirt road + pollen - garden hose to wash car = mess!
  • Jennie Garth is on Fox and Friends and I love her to pieces. She's so cute! 
  • I had a little "blast from the past" yesterday who stopped by my facebook to give me a bit of encouragement. It was much, much appreciated. It's funny... it seems like *just* when I get discouraged and feel myself starting to slip... someone steps up and gives me an "attagirl". Coincidence? Maybe. I prefer to see it as Divine Intervention.
  • I watched the latest episode of 16 and Pregnant last night and wanted to drag the girl's mama through my tv screen and dot her eye! Your child is postpartum, homeless and distraught and you're going to yell at her about getting herself together? Compassion, much?
  • The patch of woods outside our Nest is the most beautiful shades of green right now! 
  • I made a big production of trying to solicit information on who could cut my hair last week and still haven't bothered to make any attempt at it.
  • Nor have I had my Muppet Brows waxed. 
  • I'm one frightening looking Yeti woman right now. I'm thinking of buying a pair of birkenstocks and just going with it. 
  • I haven't decided what to have for breakfast yet today. It seems like a good day for oatmeal but I also have some grapenuts that are calling my name. 
  • Austin has this thing for "eggo sandwiches" lately. He puts cream cheese in between two eggo waffles. It was his only request for grocery day. 
  • I think I will toss some chicken in the crockpot today. Good day for a crockpot. 

I'm doing some research on making money from my blog. There are some bloggers who make $20,000 a month from blogging - just from ads - but in that case you're looking at roughly 30,000 clicks a day. My blog gets about 100 hits a day so I am on a much, much smaller scale. There are some expenses involved in hosting, domain names, blah-blah-blah, things I don't quite understand and I'm not sure that it would pay for me to do the upgrades necessary to support potentially increased traffic. I'm also really, very reluctant to feel pressured to blog a certain way to try to appeal to any particular audience. I'm not *really* in the category of mommy bloggers... I'm not *really* a weight loss blog since I'm, well, not really losing weight... I'm sort of a survivors blog and I'm not sure that I could hold the interest of enough traffic to keep people coming back to see if I'm still unemployed, in pain, trying to get my kid raised, etc. I'm a blah-ger... not a blogger. I mean, how riveting is it to know that I washed the dishes and bought a lamp?

Guess I better stop blahgging and start glamming. A shower, a little makeup, some conditioner on my hair... gotta work on that immune system boost from liking the reflection in the mirror.

Happy Whiny Wednesday, y'all!