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My People
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

the the previous blog entries + comments...

How much do I love Robert Drake? He always writes the best comments. If I could afford to, I'd pay him to comment on my blog every day. And Robert... I still need your address. I'm gonna find a Chanukah card somewhere. I may have to go to Gainesville to find one. And I believe you have a birthday coming in the next week? Nu?

Alas, there are no Cafe Intermezzos here in the hills but we do have a Huddle House that stays open all night. We have a Starbucks, though, and I like it a lot. It just feels a little awkward hanging out in the middle of Ingles. I get mine to go. Austin does really love Cafe Intermezzo and I definitely need to plan a trip into civilization to treat him there. His favorite thing is the sugar cubes... oddly enough. He would probably be just as happy with a box of sugar cubes (adding to the Christmas list).

It has been a great Sunday, btw. I have watched even more football... I'm one of the reasons there are 15 ESPNs on my satellite.

Next Guy has been really sweet about the fact that I needed to decompress yesterday and wasn't feeling sociable. That definitely raised his stock in my book. Any guy who gets that I'm extremely outgoing but occasionally unsociable has a chance with me.

I've got a bunch of Christmas cards addressed... it felt very holiday-ish and progressive to do so. Austin definitely wants the whole schmiel of Christmas decor... which would be great if I was more Martha Stewart-y/had a gay man nearby/had a buttload of cash to drop on such/didn't own two wildcats. Or... one cat that closely resembles a piece of furniture and one cat that has occasional happy streaks through the house. I'm collecting addresses... please... send me yours! *Unless you're one of the mean stalker people who only read my blog hoping to glean negative stuff about me to gloat about- but I guess, in that case, you need tidings of comfort and joy more than anyone.*

Mel... I kept losing the link for your running blog but I think you are absolutely amazing for your commitment to fitness and I think you're an incredible example for your three girls. It's even more amazing knowing that your life could have gone in a completely different way. I love people who overcome major obstacles and triumph! You did and you sooo rock! And i need your address.

Patty... I think I'm going to put together a cookbook. That will be my 2011 project.

Becky... the claw didn't break off but it definitely got deep in there... it bled for quite some time. Brat. If I ask Bitty, "who's the bad kitty who hurt mommy?" he hides his face.

I think sometimes because I never have been a "must check in with mom" kind of mom... that my kids don't always realize that it means a lot to me when they do. Of course... truth be told... I hate talking on the phone and they all know that. He's trying to round up the funds to come home for Christmas and I'll do what I can to help but there's not much extra in our house this year...

I want to be Oprah and give gifts to everyone in my periphery.

I bought a Sunday paper today and have been clipping coupons. That makes me feel like such a grown up.

I love how cold it's been today... mostly because i haven't had to go anywhere.

Austin is still pretty sick. I feel bad for him.

But it's been a good day... and I'm relaxed and rested and ready to go back to work tomorrow.
Happy day!


Adirondackcountrygal said...

Ok I read you blog a lot and am not a stalker..

Linda Weigel
353 Grange Rd Lot 5
Greenfield Center, NY 12833

Big Mark 243 said...

Okay... I read your blog a lot... and maybe I AM a stalker, LOL!

You are in such a better place mentally Heather. I hope that things continue apace and you even find a relationship down in Georgia (save me the expesne of moving and talking you into a Carville & Matlin relationship!!0

I would appreciate a card...

Dating Rulebook said...

That definitely raised his stock in my book. Any guy who gets that I'm extremely outgoing but occasionally unsociable has a chance with me.