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My People
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

tuesday newsday... brought to you by the word, "AND"

This is a picture Organic Rose took of me at the farm on Saturday... big bag of greens... lovely shot of the barn in the background... Philip added the mini pumpkin to my bag and... I forgot to take it out.

Yep. I was shoplifting at the farm. Below are some of the gorgeous greens for sale... I stocked up...
And you gotta love turnips, right? You don't? Then you're not fixing them right... fresh organic turnips are sweet... spicy... almost radish like. Mmmmm! Peppers!
There's a kitty cat on my lap again... he's been glued to me all night. He even slept UNDER the covers with me. I'm thinking... between No-Shave November and a kitty under the covers with me... I'm bound to be single forever!
Last night was the worst meal I've eaten in months. I'm so ashamed. I wasn't hungry. I didn't want it. I just... see.... what happened was... a week ago when I picked Austin up from Logan's house they were just sitting down to dinner. Logan's mom had picked up Zaxby's for them. I didn't know they were about to eat... Austin didn't mention it until we were almost home... and by then... it wasn't like i was going to turn around and take him back to eat. So... all week he kept asking for Zaxby's... he had that craving, you know? So... yesterday when he asked again... I drove thru on my way home from work. MY PLAN was to just eat some celery and blue cheese dressing. BUT... it smelled good... so I ate three chicken fingers dipped in zaxbys sauce AND some of their fried potato chips. AND the celery and blue cheese. The dressings alone were several points each. Each chicken finger is at least 3 points. The tater chips were 9 points. I mean... it's just ridiculous the huge, high calorie content of that tiny amount of food. I immediately felt gross. My stomach hasn't been right all night. That tiny bit of food was a day's worth of points, best I can tell. I can't believe I ate it... and didn't even enjoy it. Fast food is the devil.

And what really aggravates me is that I had planned some awesome meals that I would have enjoyed so much more - both for flavor and fullness. And nutritional content? Seriously? A little protein and... yeah... not much of anything. Bad fats. No vitamins. How have we learned to eat this way?
I'll be back in the kitchen after work tonight... I can't trust anyone to feed me right other than myself. It's worth the effort.
(I've noticed that I've overused the word "and" in this post....)
Have you voted? I won't tell you how to vote but I will say that I prefer the RIGHT hand... the color RED... capitalism over socialism... I prefer to keep my hard earned dollars and not take yours to supplement my income. I prefer to be gainfully employed as long as I'm physically able and provide my own health insurance, thank you very much. I prefer to spend within my budget. And I think there are a lot of people who agree with me... although our highest elected official prefers to think of us as "enemies"... we're really just patriots who understand the principles upon which this nation was founded. It may be November 2nd, but I pray today is Independence Day.
Must glam... love and hugs, ya'll!


Laurie said...

You look great in the picture at the farm! :-) Can really tell you have lost weight. Keep up the great work! I wish I would find my motivation.

Becky said...

Do any handsome young farmers come to the farm store? I bet you'd be a great farm wife... or a great farm store owner... or better yet, you can be the next Food Network star and work from New York City in your own show called, "Fresh from the Farm."