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My People
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

tuesday newsday

It's that time of the week again... where I share news from the nest... everything you never wanted to know about my view of the world.

The misery that gripped me on Saturday is abating some. It's settling into my chest, which is a bit unsettling for me. HOWEVER... as the thick, green, swampsnot leaves my brain, I'm feeling immensely better. I did wake with a stabbing pain in my left temple this morning, though... and it had me greatly concerned. I I took a handful of ibuprofen and although it's gotten me horribly sick to my stomach, my head no longer hurts.

I sneezed so hard last night that I split my front lip. For people who know me in real life... and know that I "whisper sneeze"... so quietly you never know I'm sneezing except for the odd contortions of my face... to have such a violent sneeze is pretty clear evidence of just how sick I've been.

Fortunately, in the midst of my personal pity party... my sweet friend Cyndi rode into town with a care package from the Farm... greens, peppers, fresh catnip, pink himalayan rock salt, books... Organic Rose had encouraged me to skip the nyquil and instead make a tea of catnip, hyssop and rosemary. I didn't have hyssop but I used the other stuff and brewed up a big batch and drank it like a good little herbalist last night and it DID help but....

I think I overdosed on catnip. For realz. I was so mellow... more mellow than a handful of xanax (trust me on that one)... and then... I got the munchies. It's weird... I've been craving carbs the whole time I've been sick which I think is part boredom and partly because once you consume carbs, you want more and more. It's not going to be pretty this week on the scales, I'm afraid. I mean, I've still got four full days to right my wrongs... and I counted every blasted pecan praline I've stuffed in my pie-hole over the past few days... but I'm not feeling good about this. Live and learn. And take it easy on the catnip. That stuff is POTENT!

Did you know that Weight Watchers is releasing a new version of their plan at the end of this month? I've been searching the web to get a sneak peek and the best I can tell, fresh fruits and veggies are all free... and the bad stuff costs more points... I guess the purpose is to steer people toward the way I'VE BEEN EATING ALL ALONG since we all know that Heather is a DIET GENIUS! Ha! Truly, though, one thing that gives me great confidence in WW is that they are constantly evolving and researching to give their members the absolute best program they can. And it works. At least for me... Seriously, though... you get so many points a day and if you use that to eat three slices of pizza and nothing else, you're going to be hungry, you're not going to be healthy and it's not a sustainable lifestyle. The new program is a heavily guarded secret but if it does steer people toward more fresh produce, then I'm 100% on board.

Today I have to drag my snotty self into work. I'm not feverish... my voice is better... I don't think I'm as icky as I was Sunday and yesterday. I've got a bond to send to Barry (lovingly referred to at the office as "Barry's Bond"... always gets a laugh) and I'm bored out of my gourd so I have to get out of this nest. I don't enjoy the invalid role at all.

Did you catch President Bush's interview with Matt Lauer last night? I only saw bits and pieces because of my priorities... Dancing With the Stars was on. It's probably Bristol's last week. It was a tough choice for a conservative... my beloved former President or the daughter of our future President. *teeheehee* that will set off a few of my liberal friends. Ha! Honestly... I just love the fact that Bristol is NOT an entertainer and she's hung in there all this time - to the top five - and really done herself proud. She shouldn't be the winner, though. I'm leaning toward Jennifer Gray or Brandy. I loved seeing Joel Gray on the show last night... reminding Jennifer that the show must go on.

And I think President Bush was a great leader. I don't care what anyone else thinks. Unless you agree with me. This is my playground, after all.

Time change + being sick has put me on the sleeping schedule of a toddler. I've been falling asleep before 9pm... waking up before 5am.

I was able to watch Oprah's interview of the Jackson family yesterday. The only thing I don't understand is... how did MJ end up with white children? Hmmm...

The Office is still my current favorite show but I caught an episode of The Nanny at dark thirty this morning that had me rolling in bed... they did a version of the graveyard dream scene from Fiddler on the Roof... it was just too cute! The Nanny was soooo over the top.... they jumped the shark early and often.

I hid something from Austin on Sunday and can't remember where I hid it. Yikes.

Time to glam and head into work. Hope you have a great Tuesday!