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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Sunday, November 7, 2010

if you're looking for a cheerful, inspirational blog entry... keep looking... you won't find it here.

*begin whine*
I am sick.
Like really snotty, eyes running, sore throat, achy, stuffy head, fever kind of sick.
And I am not going quietly.
I'm so aggravated.
I mean, I'm blessed to have not battled illness this year like I had in the past few.
But dangit. I didn't want to at all. Not one bit of sick.
And this is definitely the kind of sick that screws up my budget.
That alone makes me sick.
Curses to whomever sent their germs my way.
On Wednesday night at church Miss Vivian asked if I had been well... and I said, "I've never felt better!" and she said, "shhh! the devil is listening!"
I guess he was.
And what's even more disturbing is that I. cannot. stop. eating.
What's the adage? Starve a cold and feed a fever?
Whichever. I'm just eating like there's no tomorrow.
I had pecan danish AND pralines yesterday.
I ate eleven points beyond my normal points yesterday. I'm on pace to do the same today.
I haven't done my cooking for the week.
I just want to drink hot chocolate and pig out.
I had a date planned for this afternoon... to go for a walk in the park and get a cup of coffee... I had to cancel. I mean... I don't want to spread this kinda love, know what I mean?
I'm so close to that 30 pound mark I can smell it... and here I am getting derailed.
I'm major bummed.
It's not fair.
*end of whine*


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you are sick, and hope you feel better soon. Orange juice and chicken soup seem to help . I am glad you were going on a date, even if you had to cance. It's time to get back out there...

Anonymous said...

I meant cancel.

Natalie said...

Missed you this weekend! Just gave you an award on my blog. Check it out!