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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

no weigh wednesday

Taking a break from Whiny Wednesday for a week... I just don't feel like complaining today. I feel like just relaxing and letting life happen. I feel like being easy like Sunday morning... of course... that song always makes me laugh because when my babies were babies and we'd try to go to church it was the absolutely most stressful day of the week. Even now... with Austin... it's stressful to get him dressed appropriately for Sunday morning and we go to a very accepting and casual church.

Anyways... I'm not weighing this morning. I know I had pizza last night... I know I'm retaining fluid... I'm going to drink a ton of water today (apologies to my co-workers for the 30-dozen bathroom breaks I'll end up taking) and flush this bloat away.

Today I'm Jamaican minus the marijuana. Not that all Jamaicans smoke pot. I'm just saying I'm going to have a pot-smoking Jamaican kind of attitude. Less stress. Less angst. Relax and enjoy the ride.

The rooster is crowing. Bitty is perched in his window seat to watch him. He's so enamoured of "woos-uh" (which is how I say it when I talk to Bitty) that all I have to do is say "cock a doodle dooooo" and he runs to the window. Pavlov's dogs, kitty style.

My coffee is awesome today.

Can't believe Bristol made the finals.

Haven't decided what to wear today. It's a bit tricky getting dressed as there are so many things that don't fit right... the big clothes are too big and some of the smaller sized things aren't quite right yet. I'm between sizes, I guess... but that's ok... better than fitting nicely in stuff that's made by Omar the Tent-maker.

Besides the pizza yesterday... I had that awesome pumpkin/carrot cake for breakfast... along with pomegranates... for lunch I had a pouch of yellow fin tuna on rye crisps along with some turnips I cooked in the morning. SO I ate super healthy until dinner. And what I had for dinner is fine... about once a month or once every two months. It was a rare indulgence.

I've got a fabulous story to share with you... waiting on an ok to share.... but i'm excited about how my blog - and this forum - reaches people whose paths I otherwise never would have crossed. I'm excited about the people in real life who read my blog and feel more connected than me because of it. I know that I often share too much... but sometimes in our transparency, we give people the affirmation that they are not alone in what they're dealing with.

Time for me to glam and head out the door. Love and hugs, y'all!