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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, November 12, 2010

five minutes about Friday

I love Fridays! Not as much as I love Saturday... but Friday holds all the promise of the coming weekend and I get to go to work in jeans. I've always said that casual clothing is one of the best FREE benefits an employer can give. Life is just easier in jeans. It's even easier in pjs but I wouldn't ask... although... when I worked in the freight forwarding industry, lots of folks came to work in pjs. But I digress...

I love Fridays!

It looks like I'll have the usual stray kids over the weekend and it's an end of the paycheck weekend which makes it a little more difficult to stretch. I'm praying that we get a little child support blessing... a girl can dream, can't she?

The end of the year bonus is coming up soon and I've got about a dozen different ways it needs to be spent. I really very much want a trip... a vacay... I need to get away. I haven't traveled since I left Florida over two years ago. That's a long time to go without a real vacation... but I also have a few bills I want to get ahead on and Bitty needs to be "altered"... so... I'm prayerfully considering the best way to spend my extra few pennies.

But... at least... if I can't afford to travel... I get the blessing of living in a place where many people choose to vacation.

Austin cracks me up. For a kid who couldn't care less about his appearance... wearing a tshirt with a big hole in the middle of it... jeans that are ten sizes too big... he just practically had a meltdown over trying to find matching socks. Conversely... I am Miss Matchy-Matchy and try to make sure my innerwear matches my outerwear at all times - even in pjs - but frequently wear mismatched socks.

I fell asleep before the Office came on last night.
The cats are licking my toes.
I'm already running behind this morning and still need to shower and fix my lunch.
Our office won a pizza party but I'm weighing in tomorrow morning so there's no way I'm eating pizza today!
I did, however, have a sloppy joe last night. With carrots and hummus.
Must dash and glam!
Happy Friday, y'all!