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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Another Thankful Thursday - This Time It's Actually ON Thursday!

Yes. I know yesterday wasn't Thursday. I really have lost track of time during my unintentional sabbatical.

I'm slightly bummed that I haven't heard back from Prospective Employer #1. He said "sometime this week" but again, I was hoping for a "you're amazing... please come work for me"... and the truth is... that may never happen. I'm totally regretting not filing for disability back in March. I could have saved myself a lot of hurt, frustration, disappointment, stress. But in talking to my doctor yesterday he told me it would be a long, frustrating process with disability as well. He says I qualify but they still drag people who have back pain through the mud.

I'm thinking that I'm going to end up with a fabulous career as a costumed character standing on the side of the road trying to lure people into a business - you know, like the Quizno's Cup, or the Statue Of Liberty that advertises for the tax service.

My back is screaming at me for the box moving that I did on Tuesday.
My pain doctor didn't SCREAM, but he did sternly warn me that it was a bad idea. The degenerative aspect of my condition is accelerated when I don't "honor" my spine (as we discuss yesterday on the first Thursday of this week).

And... now he wants to see me every two months instead of every three months.... which is purely conjecture at this point because I don't know if I'll have insurance or be on medicaid or be working and unable to travel that far for a doctor's appointment. However... if I'm not insured, he is cheaper than going to a new doctor and doing all the intake stuff which was about a thousand dollars (that's not an exaggeration) the first time. They do all kind of drug screenings and he said that every pain clinic - every GOOD pain clinic - does this to protect themselves and the patients from combining meds that shouldn't be combined. That's the biggest part of our appointment - going over the meds that I'm on and the dosage and talking about what's working and what's not.

So there's that.

Austin has been in a better mood over the past 24 hours. I think he finally quit pouting about me not letting married friend come over.

It looks like Cody will be able to drive the UHaul. It's pretty small.

Tomorrow we meet with the Vocational Rehab people for Austin. Hopefully they'll be able to help us get his file transferred to our new home and help him get established there. I'm not entirely sure of what they do but my understanding is that they help with education and employment for people who would otherwise have a difficult time in that process. It's sort of like hiring the handicapped.

I don't have big plans for today. There are a few things I'm going to scan. (if you haven't looked at my scanned stuff, look at my facebook page in the photo album "scantastic stuff"). I've already packed one box this morning. I've found that if I pack in rubbermaid containers and do light things (this morning it was Christmas ornaments) I'm ok. It's liberating to do a few things. I need to make process every day.

The "to do" list for today is to pack up my teacup/teapot collection to take to my parents'. Mom has a shelf in that room that is perfect for displaying these things... my little treasures. I even have some precious miniature teapots that I bought from Avon YEARS ago that I found tucked away in my stuff. I've been opening the boxes that the restoration company packed after the fire to make sure I know what's in those boxes and reclaim anything that I need to have with me in Riverdale as opposed to an hour and a half away in Cleveland (where my storage place will be).

The cats have been systematically going from box to box, sitting inside them or on top of them if they're closed. I think they think we're going to forget to pack the cats.

Anyways... that's what's happening around here today. Even in transition - life is good. I've got a peaceful easy feeling. This is going to happen, we will have a successful move. It won't be painless but it will be ok. We'll find our way. We've done more with less!

Hope you have a great Thursday! Love and hugs!