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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Whiny Wednesday

Having a hard time waking up and shaking the fog today. It's 3pm.
I did accomplish a few things: went to the pharmacy, the bakery and took the adult child to the dentist.
Austin has one more round of fillings and we will have perfected his mouth. For now.
It took seven shots today. You'd think this would make him the best brusher on the planet... but no.
My landlady came by today and gave me a hug. She also brought someone by who wants to buy my washer and dryer. Score!
I told my landlady that I'd stay here forever if the rent was free. We laughed. Actually, the rent is so reasonable and I really love it here... except I can't afford to live here and work part time and my body can't tolerate working full time any more.
My mom finally went to the doctor and he gave her the same stuff that (so far) hasn't helped me.
Lord, all I want is for the pneumo-bronchial-lung of death to leave our family.
I'll deal with the rest of the stuff, you know, the chronic pain and the fibro and the high blood pressure. Just let me breathe without coughing, talk without sounding hoarse and stop feeling like I'm going to drown in snot.
But who am I to make a deal with the Man Upstairs? (Not Morrie the Maintenance Guy, he moved. The other Man Upstairs). I'll deal with whatever hand I'm dealt. Sooner or later I'm bound to draw an ace, right?
I'm not heading to the southside until tomorrow. Once I realized that by the time Austin's dentist appointment was finished and I got home and got myself together, there would be no way to avoid Atlanta traffic.
I am in no shape to battle Atlanta traffic.
I'll go to bed early. Get lots of rest. Leave in the morning and make it in plenty of time to peddle my wares (or my skills, as the case would be).
I'm leaving Austin here. He's recovering from his dental trauma so the shenanigans should be kept to a minimum. I hope.
I dropped off the two most absolutely necessary meds that I take at the pharmacy this morning without realizing that I was out of refills. They called the doctor but I'll have to call tomorrow just to make sure they're calling in my refills. The most important thing I take, from a standpoint of being able to function, is muscle relaxers. I only take them at night but if I don't take them the muscle spasms are so bad that I can't stand up straight.
I keep forgetting what day of the week it is.
Austin has an appointment with the vocational rehab people on the 14th and a dentist appointment on the 20th. I need to start work as soon as I can but also need to wrap up these loose threads for him. The Vocational Rehab is, I think, a statewide program so if we meet with the folks here, they should be able to service him where we're moving, I hope. The dentist is awesome and it would be hard to transfer his care 2/3's of the way through.
And in between we'll pack and move, right? I'm a bit overwhelmed from a logistical standpoint but I have faith that it will all work out.
We've survived far worse with fewer resources in a shorter time period.
Today the cat ate french fries. Not a lot. Only about six. I think he thought they were straws. I believe I've mentioned his addiction to straws. He hoards them. He tried to handle the fries in the same way... realized they had flavor (grease/salt) and came back for more.
Stubby has relocated from the closet to the stack of storage bins where I've been packing. He usually stays in the same location for about a week to ten days and then finds a new spot. I think the new location was attractive to him because I had a stack of newspapers there.
I cut out coupons today and purged my out of date coupons. It felt productive.
For a day that started out with me going back to bed... it hasn't been a bad day. I'm just real tired, that's all.
Happy Wednesday, y'all.