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My People
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Breaking Up is HARD to DO!

Poor DISH has figured out what others before them have... it's hard to leave me. (not)
I had a phone interview today and it went sorta ok. I had been candid about the termination of my previous employment and that helped. However... he's interested in hiring me for a commission only position. There are a lot of good things about this potential arrangement but there are a whole lot of drawbacks as well. At any rate... it was a pleasant call, I will meet with him in person tomorrow.
I also have an interview tomorrow morning with an office manager from another agency. I'm excited about it - partially because we're meeting at the Dwarf House (it's a Chickfila sit down restaurant, sort of like Chickfila Plus) I figure even if I don't get a job, at least I can have a hot brown.
The kitty boys are already mostly asleep and I will soon join them.
I just had to share this email from DISH... hope you had a great Tuesday!


We are willing to do almost anything to get you back.

We belong together, and we want to prove our commitment to you. We have had a lot of great times and we want to continue to show you how much you mean to DISH.

We will welcome you back with over $400 in savings: $120 off your programming package, HD programming FREE for life (requires 24-month agreement and AutoPay with Paperless Billing) and 9 premium movie channels of Showtime® FREE for 3 months. We have been through a lot together and you deserve it.

In addition to these great savings, you also have access to great extras for free with DISH Perks. Look for amazing sweepstakes, exclusive free shows, monthly free previews and DISH Online content where you can enjoy all your favorite programming everywhere you go, on your computer. These are just a few of the amazing extras you can experience just for being a DISH customer.

We are committed to ensuring that we have a great relationship. According to the 2012 American Customer Satisfaction Index, DISH is #1 in customer satisfaction, value and customer loyalty among the nation’s largest cable and satellite providers. Give us a call and we will be happy to answer any questions about DISH services and programming.


To speak with a representative about restarting your DISH service, please call
888-253-5681 and reference promo code COMEBACK548.



Fat Free JAM said...

oh you love that chik feet place...i boycott them....

it's not hard to boycott them though....there are none around here....

do you confuse eat more kale with eat more chikn? seriously?