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My People
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Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Stebbins Family Comes to America

James Gant (my dad) is the son of
Leta Mae Ward, who is the daughter of 
Charles Pelham Ward, who is the son of 
William Cleveland Ward, who is the son of 
Comfort Ingraham Ward, who is the son of 
Mercy Nichols, who is the daughter of 
Samuel Nichols, who is the son of Captain Samuel Nichols, Sr, a Revolutionary War Veteran and his wife,
Bathsheba Bliss, who is the daughter of
Mary Morgan, who is the daughter of
Mary Clark, who is the daughter of 
Elizabeth Stebbins who came to American in 1634
On the last day of April, 1634, Rowland STEBBINS embarked for America aboard the Francis, under Captain John CUTTING, from Ipswich, England. With him were his wife Sarah, their children: Thomas, aged 14; Sarah. aged 11; John, aged 8, Elizabeth, aged 6. An earlier daughter called Elizabeth had been buried on June 15, 1625. They also had with them Mary WINCHE, aged 15. It is unknown if she was related to STEBBINS.
The group cleared customs only on November 12, 1634. Rowland STEBBINS settled first in Roxbury near Boston. In 1639 he moved to Springfield (settled only 3 years before by William PYNCHON ), where he obtained a land settlement. About 1668 he was one of the pioneers of Northampton, MA. Sarah, his wife of 31 years, died in Springfield on October 4, 1649, at the age of 58. Rowland died in Northampton on December 14, 1671, aged 78.
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