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My People
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Blog Entry About An Upcoming Blog Entry - I Love New York

I stayed up late last night doing some research on my paternal grandmother's mother's line. I stumbled into a huge vat of information about a guy by the name of Abraham Isaacson VerPlanck who was an early settler in New York and, I believe, my 11th great-grandfather. (Again, shooting that whole "Southern Belle" persona right in the foot) I had hoped to finish the entry on that this morning but I slept late (7:30) and had to get a shower and it stormed and my mom had some errands to run so the doggies in this house were up under me all morning. Hard to type when you're patting little furry heads saying, "it will be ok". I just couldn't get back in to the kind of deep concentration needed for reliable research.

At any rate... it's like with anything else with my genealogical study... I'm using for most of my information and can't be for certain that what I'm finding, at least as far as the lineage, is correct, however, it's either a fascinating story about an ancestor of mine or a fascinating story about American History and either one is cool in my book. I can't wait to get back into that research and be able to share the story with you/record it here so I don't lose it or forget it.

Yet... it's another day at work for this girl... I'm working from 11:30 to 4:30 today. I'm excited to go, excited to feel productive again and thrilled at the prospect of getting a paycheck this week! Even though it was my fourth day at the office, I met two more employees yesterday that I had not yet met. When I say that this agency is flexible on it's staffing, it's an understatement. There are people who really work just a few hours a week which makes my part-time hours not seem strange at all. That's a huge relief to me. I didn't want to be in the position where my colleagues were begrudging toward my time away from the office. I am afraid to relax and really believe that this is going to work out because it truly is just exactly what I needed (other than not being in the mountains). I guess, what I'm saying, it seems too good to be true. Pinch me.

Yesterday I was right back into the swing of things, taking phone calls, helping clients, sharing my knowledge, just doing the things that seem second nature to me. This is not the profession I would have chosen for myself but it's something that I'm comfortable doing. The hours flew by. It's a much busier office than I've been in since leaving my Uncle's office and probably, maybe, even busier than his was as the policies serviced are about twice/three times what his was with fewer employees. The phone rings a lot. I love that kind of high volume and I can see exactly why they needed someone like me.

My mom had a long, long day at work and was worn out when she got home. Neither of us felt much like cooking, or even eating initially, so poor Pop didn't have his usual feast waiting for him when he got home from the golf course. I felt a little guilty but I'm also relearning my limitations and I know that for me to be at my best, I have to listen to my body. When I hurt and I'm tired, I need to rest. So that's what I did yesterday evening and this morning.

And now... it's time for work... have a great day, y'all!


Tina of Moon Shine said...

i think i am about to start a new job. and it too is something I am comfortable doing and have confidence in... we'll see. phone interview in the a.m.!