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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekend Recap

It was my intention to continue the story that I started on Friday before work... and yet, here it is Sunday evening and I have yet to do this. It hasn't necessarily been a *busy* weekend but it's definitely different living in a house with two adults who actually communicate versus living with a teenager who would rather not. I find myself talking less to the computer and more to people. And animals. Heaven knows that this is a family who speaks to animals.

Anyways... my mom starts back to work tomorrow, her last year as a crossing guard. My daughter-in-law starts back to school tomorrow, I forget what year exactly she is, but I think she's got about a year and a half to go. I will work from 9-2 tomorrow, which is a little different from what I thought my "written in stone" schedule was because I'm working in a really flexible workplace and have volunteered to be used in whatever time slot works the best for the office, so tomorrow, that time is 9-2. The office manager plans the schedule a few weeks in advance and as many requests are honored as possible so that has me working 9-2 tomorrow and 11:30-4:30 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week, with Friday off. Next week I have two early days and two later days with Friday off. After that, early Monday, off Tuesday, early Wednesday, late Thursday and Friday and then three days off (Labor Day). I am sure I will be referring to my calendar often. Tomorrow it works well because my mom has to train someone so it would be harder for her to pick my daughter-in-law up from school so when I get off work I will drive to the college to pick up Marquee.

The closing on the mountain house is set for Thursday. My parents have a funeral to go to on Saturday so there will be no moving into the mountain house this coming weekend, which means we need to accomplish a lot the following weekend, in order to clean out the two storage places (mine with my stuff and dad's with the stuff he inherited from grandma, which is in storage in North Carolina). It works better because Cody has a test for his work this Saturday and we really need his help. Honestly, I'm a bit anxious about finding help because I can't lift, mama can't lift and daddy shouldn't lift. There's a lot of heavy stuff to move and we haven't found a lot of people who are excited about the prospect of helping us move.

At my parents' church they have lost two young people in the past three weeks, one due to a drowning and one due to a car accident. So sad, especially for a small church. We just never know. For that matter, my mom's brother John is in the hospital and not doing well so my Aunt Ginger and Uncle Carl have headed to Texas via RV to be with him. John is the middle child out of seven.

Pop was helping with the school supply giveaway their church was doing yesterday so my mom volunteered to do the grocery shopping this weekend (my dad usually does it and I tag along). I usually know what we're out of and carry coupons (we saved about $12 yesterday!) Yesterday I went along to show mom where pop finds the things he buys. We spent more and forgot a few things so we may not be trusted with that chore again soon but it was fun. We also went to Kohl's to buy shoes for my mom and ended up with a 30% off coupon that could be used in the next week so we went back today to get a new dog bed for Oscar and a wardrobe rack for me, since there isn't a closet in my room. My hanging clothes spent the summer in the trunk of my car but since I'm actually working, I actually wear something other than pajamas and it's helpful to not have to dig in the trunk of the car every morning before work. Two days shopping in a row is more than either of us would normally do, added to preparing for a work week instead of another week of unintentional sabbatical, really wore me out. I suspect this will be an early bedtime for me tonight.

The latest in the DISH saga, I have received a bill for my "DISH-pause" service and a confirmation email saying that my coverage was paused and that I should hold on to my equipment... then yesterday I got a notice in the mail that they were planning to debit my account on the 25th for the cost of the equipment which hasn't been returned. If I wasn't so aggravated at having to make yet another phone call to them, it would be funny. I'm telling you, DISH is the devil.

Yesterday I lost my big toenail. Hurts like the dickens.

The feedback I'm getting from my new employer is really encouraging. The girl who is training me has had only good things to say. The office manager has been incredibly kind, even offering to advance me some pay if I needed it. From about a year and a half ago until last week, I truly wondered if I would ever be valued as an employee again. I have carried so much guilt about my limitations because of my back and really believed that it was impossible in this economy for someone who was, essentially, "damaged goods" to expect to find work. To be welcomed and appreciated for what I can STILL do, to not have to feel guilty about what I can't do, it's been liberating.  Working four days a week is my choice, I could work more or less, based on what I can do. They are willing to work with me and have asked that I just keep them in the loop so that if I find that I'm not able to work as much we can reduce hours if it becomes necessary. I love my job! I'm so grateful!

Pop made barbeque chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner last night. He made french toast for breakfast. I made tabbouleh for lunch (my mom likes it, my dad still thinks it's kinda weird). We're having chili dogs for dinner. I'm not even hungry at this point... but I'm sure I'll eat!

So... that's my weekend... hope you had a great weekend... I'll finish up with the story I started on Friday... soon!