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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Whiny Wednesday? Not so much.

When you go to put your pants on in the morning and fall over... you realize it's a Whiny Wednesday in the making.

Like, seriously... a year and a half ago I could do a split. Now I'm so off balance that I can't stand on one foot long enough to put my other foot in a pair of pants.

The good news? The pants fit. A month ago they didn't. Not that I've been deliberately dieting or anything but I have been busier and have skipped a few meals. Pop has lost 13 pounds this week, so his hardcore, doctor supervised diet definitely works. Even on your family members, apparently. I'm collateral damage to my dad's diet. Love it.

The fall wasn't too bad. I mean, I'm 5'1. I don't have far to go. But my room is a converted garage so the floor is hard and I feel sort of like I've been in a car wreck, a minor one.

I went on to work though... I fed my hurt feelings with two krispy kreme donuts, hot and ready. They tasted like hot grease and sugar but it hit the spot. So did the hazelnut iced coffee.

I got to work early, stayed late, got a lot done and was so, soooo glad to be there, despite the pain. This is a work environment that I enjoy so much that I don't mind being there. It's a place where I feel appreciated.

There's a slight problem with my credit history which impacts my sales agreement. It's something that could have been a major problem in a different place but where I am, it can be handled. I sorta expected this little issue. Most of my debt is medical debt, except for a couple of things from the Darby Era that I'm still sorting out. The good news, what helps my case, is that I haven't established any new debts (other than medical) in the past 8 years and the fact that my expenses are minimal. We're getting there. I'm headed in the right direction, at least.

Except when I put on pants. I  love my heating pad.

Tomorrow night I'm heading to the mountains, no matter what. I can't wait to see my girls. I'm taking them to school on Friday morning. Every time I see them they're an inch taller and seem to have aged a couple of years. They have always been a joy to be around, now they're just so much more so.

I can't wait to see Austin, too. It was less than a month ago when I prayed a prayer that God would just make a way for Austin, inspire him, motivate him, let him find his way. He's been working since just a few days after that. I talked to him yesterday and he was at work. I said, "are you at work?" and he said, "I work every week day". Like, it's just what you do. For a kid who NEVER made it to school five days in a row, that's a huge, huge change of perspective. Coincidental? Not in my mind.

So, despite my lack of grace, I'm surrounded by it. And... although I may struggle from time to time, life is better than it's been in a very long time.

Whiny Wednesday? Eh. Not so much.