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My People
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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tuesday's Post (that I never finished) plus Wednesday and Thursday Stuff

(from Tuesday)

My boss referred to me as an "old experienced peddler woman" yesterday. I think this was a compliment. Things are really lighthearted on the job. Hectic. It's super fast paced. But it's remarkably stress-free. Maybe because I'm only there half the time. I don't know. I will toot my own horn enough to say that I have the same number of sales so far this month as two of the full time people who are supposed to be primarily sales people - when I'm supposed to be primarily a service person.

I've always believed you should bloom where you're planted, however, sometimes fertile soil, a little water and sunshine goes a long way.

I'm working all five days this week. So it's "three day week - four day weekend - five day week - four day weekend - three day week". If you can follow that. I'm still just working 24 hours this week. I haven't slept well the past two nights, tacked on to a much more lively than usual weekend (even if it was a four day weekend), so I'm fairly wiped out today.

(And now that it's Thursday and I've finally got a "late" work schedule today - 11:30 to 4:30 - I'm totally wiped out. I can't seem to get enough sleep this week... my body feels like it's made of lead... not sure if it's that nasty fibromyalgia flaring up or if it's just adjusting to a more active schedule. Either way... this weekend I plan to be curled up in the mountain nest, elbow deep in genealogy or reading or whatever entertains me.)

I'll still probably stay up late tonight because I'm all politically geeked out over the Republican National Convention. I mean... my tv has mostly been on Fox News, C-Span and the Weather Channel over the past two days. I watched the entire state roll call this afternoon. I got a little misty when Scott Romney gave the delegate count for the State of Michigan. His pride for his brother was touching. And you know how fascinated I am by people who are passionate about things. You don't get more over-the-top-passionate than at a political convention. I can't wait to hear Ann Romney speak tonight.

 (I fell asleep before she spoke... and missed Chris Christie too. I missed Paul Ryan last night.)

 I may not be aligned one hundred percent with every single aspect of Mitt Romney, or for that matter, the Republican Party (I know, *gasp*) but I knew four years ago that hiring a community organizer to run the biggest business in the free world - the United States Government - was a mistake. Remove religion, views on abortion, birth control, gay marriage, etc, from the equation.  Remove proper documentation - such as birth certificates and tax returns - from the equation - I'm far more interested in content of character and ability than I am in ability to provide documents that could easily be altered or manipulated. I am not convinced that Obama has any sense of patriotism or respect for our government. I just so completely disagree with the ability of the government to give and take away. The more government programs that are developed, the more dependent we grow on the government. The more freedoms that are taken from us.

It has always made far more sense for me as a single woman earning below the poverty level to be a Democrat than a Republican, yet, I'd rather live off what little I can make on my own than ask you to share your paycheck with me. You don't owe me.

------------------- end of political rant, end of Tuesday's half post. Now it's Thursday.

Yesterday my boss called me "faster than a greased pig" - in reference to my part-time status. In other words, I'm there such a short time (5 hours) that I'm in and out faster than a greased pig. He was totally joking. I said, "greased pig? why is PIG the first thing that came to mind? why not greased LIGHTNING?". Most of the employees are there less than a full 40 hour week. Everybody has some weird combination of hours. That's why I know he was joking. That's what works for their office and I'm glad that there was a place where I would belong.

I had to re-qualify for my sales agreement which includes passing the credit requirements. If you've read my blog for any length of time you can easily assume that I have poor credit. This meant that my employer had to write an appeal to allow me to work there despite my credit. They willingly did and the waiver was allowed. Not many employers would do that. I have sort of been afraid to put down roots and settle in out of fear that  we wouldn't be able to get past that. There is still one more hurdle and I'm trusting God that everything will go smoothly.

This morning I rescheduled my doctors appointment for Wednesday... I wanted to attach it to a weekend since the doctor's office is in Gainesville - closer to the mountain house than to Riverdale. I wanted to postpone it to October but they wanted to see me some time this month. I'm having some carpal tunnel like pain so I guess it's better that I go. This is the pain doctor - the one who manages the back issues and the fibro issues and such. I've got a reprieve from the regular doctor until January.

I also spent my morning ordering internet service for the mountain house. I can't afford to pay for satellite service - although I'll miss watching football this fall when I'm up there - it just doesn't make sense to take on that kind of expense for the few days we're there each month. Internet service, yes, because I can do a lot of scanning (taking the scanner up this weekend) of old photos and old documents and working on my genealogy project and so on and so forth. I know that I can afford the internet service and I want to help as much as I can on expenses. Since I'm paying all of my medical costs out of pocket and paying for my car and life insurance, I don't have a lot of give in my budget but... I do what I can.

I sat down at 9am with the intention of blogging and doing whatever else I wanted online until 10 am and then I would get ready for work... I'll leave here at 11. And then my birthday boy, Cody, came by and with the dogs and the tv and the cats and trying to read back through what I've already written... that hour has flown by. Oh well. Better to spend time with the three dimensional people than to focus my efforts on cyberspace. After work we're going out to dinner for Cody's birthday... and I will be C-spanning and internet surfing until I fall asleep. The days really fly by.

I told Cody when he came in this morning that I was his age when I had him. He's 22. I was 22 when I had him. He shook his head. Hard to imagine how ridiculously young we were.

Anyways... so that's what's happening around here... hope you have a great Thursday and if you're somewhere that's getting drenched with rain, you're in my prayers! Love and hugs and Happy Friday Eve, y'all!


Adirondackcountrygal said...

Hi, you really seem a lot more upbeat these days and I'm glad. I watched part of the Republican convention and can't say I was too impressed. I am a Republican but recently put in to switch parties. I have many liberal ideals in my life I guess. I couldn't get over Clint Eastwood talking to the empty chair the other night. I did like Mitt Romney's speech although I thought it was a little too warm and fuzzy and didn't focus enough on the issues. My son just turned 21 on Friday. You are right time sure does fly! I was 25 when I had him. My daughter is 13 today. I was 33 when I had her. I don't know when I'll get to be a Grandma because my son hasn't had a girlfriend since he was 16. He is painfully shy and thinks he is ugly. Maybe I need to start setting him up on dates.