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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, August 13, 2012

Reasons to Love Monday - The Returning to Work Edition

There is nothing like a REAL Reasons to Love Monday post that I actually write before I have a real Monday... you know, the kind where you have to get up in the morning and go to work.

1. First thing I found on Facebook this morning, my friend Beth that I went to high school with is on the British Vogue website for her lovely ensemble at Glorious Goodwood (it's some kind of big deal race).  Check her out! It's a long way from Riverdale, Georgia to British Vogue. Homegirl has done us proud!

2. Paul Ryan as Vice Presidential candidate. I like.

3. Working 9am to 2am beats the heck out of having to be at work for an 8am staff meeting  and working until 5:30. Even tacking on my detour through Morrow on the way home to pick up Marquee, it's still a great day.

4. Pop made coffee this morning. My mom was worried that she wasn't going to have any because this summer I've been making it for her when she gets up... and she was going to need to leave before I got up... but Trouble and Oscar woke me up... and it was already ready.

5. Nothing like having the animals grieving when you're leaving for work. Oscar and Lily knew something was up when my mom put her shoes on to leave for work this morning. Oscar climbed back on my bed, found the cozy, comfy, blanket and went to sleep. He'll be alright. Lily is still pacing, watching to see what I'm going to do. Lady is too old to care.


6. Forgot I took these... you gotta love my little helper cat who has to be right in the middle of everything we're doing... this is him helping Mawmaw do laundry:

7. Eric Boling on Fox and Friends this morning. Love him.

8. It's a cool 61 degrees this morning. We've survived another hot Summer, most of it without having to leave the air conditioning. Without a doubt we'll have hot days until October but the worst of it is over. Fall is just around the corner!

9. Kitty cat kisses. Dog kisses are all tongue and ... ick! Kitty cats just barely touch their nose to yours. Trouble does it when he wants me to get up. Eddie, the old orange "Ginger Cat" (who is part feral and comes in at night) climbs up on the bathroom counter and gives me kisses when I'm going to the potty. 

10. Last Monday I thought it might be slightly possible but I didn't know for sure... this is the first Monday in a long time that I've had a job. Huge Reason to Love Monday!

Have a great day, y'all!