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My People
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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thankful Thursday - The New Job, etc

Remember when I used to get up and blog at 4am? Yeah. Not so much any more.

I had a painful day yesterday and a sleepless night. I'm supposed to go to the mountains tonight for a doctors appointment tomorrow morning but. Yeah. Not so much.

I know that by the time I work today I'm not going to have enough left in me to drive up there. It's only about an hour and a half drive but by the time I get off, it's going to be rush hour so it will be a longer and more tedious drive. I can't imagine being up to that today.

I can postpone this doctor visit for another week or so without it causing too much trouble.

I think there's a plan to move into the mountain house next weekend or the next one so it would make more sense to do it then, I think.

I also am stinkin' broke. It makes me nervous to get too far from home with only a few dollars. But I'm employed! Woohoo!

Yesterday I worked six hours. I thought the plan was for me to do five hours, four days a week. They asked me to work six yesterday. I'm not sure if that was a misunderstanding between the office manager and the girl training me or if they're planning on having me work six hours, three days a week. I'm not crazy about working six hours a day and it hurt like the dickens HOWEVER at this point, I'm just going to do what I have to do. That extra hour might not seem like much but my back did not appreciate it.

I really love the way this new office is structured. It's a huge, huge agency. Bigger than even my Uncle's agency, which was huge. Everybody has a different role to play, using everyone's strengths. There are people who literally work two or three hours a week and others who work a full 40 hour week. Everyone is valued for the different skill set they bring to the team. There are people who have been with one of the agents for more than thirty years, who are well past retirement age who continue to work because it's such a flexible and pleasant working environment.

The fact that it is two complete agencies under the same roof and with the same staff creates some new challenges than what I've encountered before but they are very organized and things seem to run really smoothly. Neither of the agents or the office manager were in the office yesterday.

I was able to get into the computer system... there were a few snags but fortunately, my experience enabled me to navigate through things and get to the right people who could get things going for me. My training is consisting of just learning the office procedures and learning the new auto quoting system that started this week (and one of the reasons my hiring was delayed). I know all the State Farm stuff, I just have to get updated on any policy changes or procedure changes that have happened since I last worked.

I took a thirty minute lunch break and went to Krystals. I love a cheap lunch!

The office closes at 5. I was home by 5:20. It's a good fit for me. If I need to work six hours, I'll adjust. Working anything less than 40 hours a week is going to be a better situation than what I was trying to live with before... working anything more than zero hours a week is going to put me in a better position than what I've been with over the past five months. Going in later helps because it gives me time in the morning to ease into the day without having to get up at the crack of dawn. That way, if I have sleepless nights like last night, getting up and getting ready for work will be less of a challenge.

I swore I wasn't going to ... but I watched "here comes honey boo-boo" on TLC last night. The family was a little crass... the little girl was slightly over-exposed to things that were beyond her age... but there is a real solid, honest, genuine quality about them that is interesting to see. Even though Alana never won the big prizes at the different pageants they've shown her in, she had a really sweet sportsmanship that was encouraging to see. Honestly, that little girl is a female version of my former stepson... I was amazed at the similarities and... as much of a pain in the tukas as that kid was to me...I miss him and wish I could have been in a position to have been more supportive of him.

I'm totally over the Olympics. NBC's coverage has been ridiculous with the delays of the good stuff until prime time and the way they only show snippets of the stuff I want to see and show unlimited coverage of things like skeet shooting which is about as interesting as watching paint dry. I'm slightly disappointed that I won't be home to see the women's soccer gold medal match today and I won't even be in a position to know about the score until I get home. So... closing ceremonies... eh, whatever.

I'm over Big Brother this year. Janelle, my favorite, is being voted off tonight so I've lost interest.

I'm back to watching documentaries and every episode of How I Met Your Mother that comes on and since it's in syndication... that's a lot.

So ... that's my Thursday. Hope you're all having a good week!


Kelly Dawn said...

I watched Toddlers and Tiaras but skipped honey boo boo child - i will however have to find it unfortunately came on at the same time as my DALLAS and lord knows we cant miss that - heads would roll :) love you - miss you - miss talking to you!