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My People
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Thursday, October 10, 2013

I Am Not Posting 28 Cat Pictures

My digital camera serves as a diary of sorts for me to remember what things I wanted to share with you. When I came downstairs (DOWNSTAIRS! YAY!) to the Whine Cellar and looked at the trusty digi-cam tonight I had sixteen cat pictures. I left the camera in my bedroom today (no, really, you don't carry your camera around the house with you? Of course you do because 98% of the world has a cellphone with picture taking capability but I digress...) so while I was upstairs I took a dozen or so pictures on my mom's camera of the cats with the pumpkin we bought two days ago but seriously, that just means that I have about 28 pictures of cats to show for my day today. How in the world can I come up with an interesting blog post from 28 cat pictures? How is this different from any other day?

Last night I stayed up past midnight watching four episodes of Breaking Bad. I can't say that it's groundbreaking television. I mean, it's no Mary Tyler Moore Show or anything. It was good enough to make me want to see the next one and the next one until I fell asleep.

And then I was rudely awakened by one young son looking for chocolate in my nightstand because... there is usually chocolate hidden somewhere in the vicinity of where I'm sleeping. And then I was awakened a second time by the same young son who wanted a second helping because y'all... the Halloween KitKats are the bomb! The orange ones are the best. Good enough that I let him and Logan take my car to Walmart today to buy more of them. That good. (I also needed air in my tires which is why they were driving my car.)

Also, young son woke me up to tell me that one of the members of the Basement Clown Posse is going to be a father again. Actually. Is it odd that my son is the only one of the three of them that doesn't have a child yet? Logan's baby mama is pregnant for a second time - by someone else. And Pat's girlfriend is pregnant with her first child but his second. The girl Austin is dating has a baby but there's a complicated story there, not really one of those 16 And Pregnant stories. Anyways. BCP apparently does not stand for birth control pills in their lexicon.

Tonight they're all out in a pack roaming the village while Logan romances a new girl so I have the entire bottom floor and my entire stash of Halloween Kitkats to myself. And the cats.

I cooked dried beans with ham in the crockpot all day. Mom made cornbread and that was our dinner. It was good enough that I mentioned that Pop should be jealous. He's been - by his words, not mine - jealous of the lovely weather and gorgeous views we've had here all week. The view is great but the eating ain't bad either.

Mom also made lemon poppyseed muffins while she had the oven fired up. I brought one downstairs for me to have as my after dark - pre-chocolate time snack. I set it on my ottoman and went to the potty. When I came back the cats had started licking the butter off. I took pictures. Then Oscar came down and - even though he's on a strict diet because dachshunds can't carry extra weight - I let him have a nibble of the muffin. Then he started eating the cupcake liner and I had to take it away from him.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. Still one hundred percent out of pocket for me. I don't love going but I don't hate it either. They don't really do much except make me pee in a cup and give me a new set of prescriptions. It's not the best solution for my issues but until there is some real healthcare coverage for me and/or a real income it's the best I can do. Managing things. That's it for now. I hate waking up in the morning because it is so painful and so hard to get something on my stomach so that I can take something to get the pain under control. It's hard to go from being a morning person to hating mornings like that and it just really seems like there should be a solution. For now... the solution is to keep waking up and hope that it will get better and not worse.

The lab work is because they have to be so careful about prescribing pain meds. They have to make sure you're not indulging in any other illicit drugs. As if I could afford to. And honestly, if I was, I wouldn't be spending $200 every other month to see them and $100 a month on drugs. The legal kind.

I started my Christmas shopping already. It will be a hard candy Christmas but I did buy something for my nieces that I think they'll really like that is unique. I also found something for my two older boys that I think they'll both appreciate. All on so far. Also bought something for my dad. So really, I'm pretty far along in the process. I buy more for Austin than my older boys because they both have significant others who buy for them. One of my brothers doesn't do Christmas and one doesn't do Christmas with us so I'm pretty much just down to Austin, my mom, and the two participatory brothers.

It was cool enough last night to sleep in a sweatshirt and warm fuzzy pj pants. Tonight I'm just going with long sleeve tshirt and yoga pants. Mild sunny days and cool nights... it can stay like this forever. Plus maybe one good snowstorm in mid-January. Otherwise - open window weather as long as possible, please.

And that, plus 28 cat pictures is what is happening in my world today.

Love and hugs, y'all.


Sweetnessk71 said...

I love fall and all the things that go with it lol. The Halloween candy is a xtra plus though I have not tried the orange kit kats lol. Could you message me your address so I can send you a card? Forgot to ask when I sent you my addy.. take care