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My People
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Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Exciting Thursday

I have a new addiction and it's free: Adult Elf on the Shelf ideas. I'm jealous of the whole Elf on the Shelf mania. I just know that if it had been around when my boys were little I would have MEANT to do it and actually failed to do it most of the holiday season (see: Advent Calender abandonment - ours was perpetually on December 3rd). It would be another one of those things that induced Holiday Guilt (see: Stack of Unaddressed Christmas Cards). But since the Elf didn't come on the scene until my kids were grown and on their own, I've been able to bond with my kid over naughty Elf on the Shelf posts that we're finding all over the internet. Such as this photo that I snagged... with apologies to Barbie. Seriously, if you need a chuckle, google, "Adult Elf on the Shelf". You're welcome.

I had to run a few errands in town this morning but otherwise I've just been sitting here enjoying being off dog-sitting duty. Every now and then the cats act up and I have to intervene but usually they're pretty self-sufficient. Feed them - give them water - let them sleep in my bed - clean out the litter box every 2.6 hours - easy.  See example - Archie and Edith bogarting the living room chairs (with aforementioned unaddressed Christmas cards in between). I love our doggies and will definitely miss them when they're gone. If you want to make sure that someone is always glad to see you, get a dog. I get an enthusiastic greeting from them every time I enter the room. And Lily keeps me from overeating because every time I bring food into the Whine Cellar she bloodhounds it and tracks me down... and since she can't go UPstairs, it means that someone has to walk her around and up the hill outside. Such as at 7am this morning when she woke me up with a low growl because Austin brought eggs downstairs.

How could you not love this face? You may notice the cake batter on her collar... she was licking the bowl for me when I made a lemon poppyseed pound cake earlier in the week.

We spoiled Lady. She's not usually allowed on the furniture but I indulged her. If you want your dogs to have a lifetime of training reversed in four days... leave them with me. I specialize in Disobedience Training.

And since this blog entry has gone to the dogs (hehe) I'll show you what I did in the approximately fifteen productive minutes I had today - I made this lovely wreath which I PROMISE looks better in person. It's not hung yet because Austin is feeling about as productive as I am today. See that lighter green ornament in the middle? That came from Wendy in Australia in 2006... one of my long time blog readers. I thought it had been lost in my many marital mishap moves but I found it today. Since both of my Christmas trees are groaning from being overloaded with ornaments and one is listing forward and threaten to fall over... I added it to my wreath. I think it looks lovely.

We have rain approaching again and I'm feeling it something fierce. I'm also feeling the cumulative effects of chasing a runaway dog to the mailbox yesterday (which is a really long way here and all up hill. And I was in my fuzzy socks.) and sliding while trying to keep a runaway cat from getting off the porch. Even my hair hurts today.

We've had to take Stubby's Christmas cape off of him because it needs washing. I felt like he might be getting cold so I put my electric throw on the ottoman - his usual perch - and moved the Christmas blanket to the big chair. Apparently Stubby is attached to the Christmas blanket.

One of the many benefits of being single - you can keep your stuffed animals in living room. And your cats all get their own chair.

Anyways... that's all that's happening around here today. Hope your Thursday has been similarly stimulating. Or more stimulating. Love and hugs, y'all!


Wendy in Oz said...

Love the wreath! A little bit of Oz is wonderful! Still need you to PM me your address. Oh and luuuurv the doggie pics! Am now off to google adult elf..hehehe...Hugs...xx