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My People
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Monday, December 23, 2013

So This Happened...

So this happened....

yesterday morning on my way to the grocery store for my LAST trip before Christmas. Even through the really dirty windshield you can see how dark and ominous it was. It was pouring and the water was ponding on the windy mountain roads and I thought to myself, "this is it... this is how I die". Spoiler alert: I didn't die. I suffered nothing more lasting than some frizzy hair.

But it rained and rained and rained. Remember last Summer when we had a lot of rain?

So this happened...
That right there is a wet basement minus carpet and this photo was taken about an hour ago, not during the Flood of 2013. This is Flood of 2013, The Sequel.

Fortunately, my kid is a basement carpet removal specialist and he was able to get the wet carpet tiles up quickly. We won't have a replay of the Great Basement Abandonment of 2013. In fact, Other than that two foot strip of concrete, we're pretty much business as usual down here. Much less stress than last time, even if it was an unexpected holiday happening.

Cody (middle son) with Aura the dog, Bryan (brother) with Oscar dog
For the first time in a long time all three of my children are under the same roof. We do our "Christmas morning" on Christmas Eve morning so that everyone can fulfill their other familial obligations on Christmas Day. I've got to say... I like it this way. This year Ryan and Sara were able to come down from Pennsylvania... last year Ryan stayed up there. It's her first Christmas away from home. I hope we show her a good time. (At the moment the kids are upstairs working on something and I'm in the Whine Cellar watching C-Span.)

I'm struggle with entertaining company. I used to be an extrovert but honestly, big gatherings drain me in a way that only introverts understand. I don't have the physical or mental energy that I once did. But it's been nice having all my boys and their girls around today. My brother is down from New York - it's been fun having him around. My kids' best friend, Joshy was here today. We've got nine people, five dogs and three cats here tonight. Full house. Fortunately we can comfortably accommodate everyone - two guest rooms on the top floor and I've given my bedroom up for Sara and Ryan and am sleeping on my big cozy couch. I don't get much time with my grown boys and even though I can't keep pace with them... there's just something in a mommy's heart about having all her chickies all in the same nest. It gives me a sense of peace I don't normally have. Even if the rest of the holiday is a bust (and it won't be) I feel like today was one of those days that was a gift that I will always treasure - just having them around me.

Josh - my boys' best friend - he's like one of my own
Mom and I made YET ANOTHER last grocery trip before Christmas this morning. This time to buy stuff for making chili for dinner tonight... and to get a few more things for our brunch tomorrow. After we got back I studded an orange with cloves for my wassail for tomorrow (whole cloves were $8 for a little container... I couldn't believe it)... then I got the chili in the slow cooker... then I made more oreo balls. The kids went into town to eat at a touristy restaurant (I still don't go out to eat unless absolutely necessary because of the pain it causes me to sit) and my mom went shopping with my brother so I was in charge of the zoo.

Pop got home from work (yes - he drove to work from here - takes about an hour and a half - he retires at the end of the year.) and then had a conference call. While he was doing that he put a ham in the oven. Bryan came back and had a conference call. These folks just keep right on working, even here at the Hollow.

We enjoyed a chili dinner and some nice wine that Bryan had brought. I've been sort of chilling in the Whine Cellar and enjoying the rotating entertainment of my assorted progeny and our assorted fur babes. Cody and Marquee are dog-sitting for her boss, a really sweet girl named Aura. She's been a welcome addition, she loves everyone but is deathly afraid of Little Kitty. Kitty stood at the bottom of the stairs and Aura was afraid to come down. It was pretty funny.

See poor Aura looking for help?

I promise they aren't as bored as they look. L-R Austin, Sara, Ryan 

My "other child" Joshy - he's been friends with the boys since they were teenagers. No matter where we've lived, Josh always finds his way "home".

Austin and Sara watching tv

The Fam down at The Dock - can't see 'em well

Marquee carrying my grandpuppy Sammy up from the lake. 

So it's been a good day. We'll have brunch tomorrow and then the kids head back to the Southside of Atlanta. They'll have dinner with Marquee's grandparents. Her family has always been so good about loving ALL of my boys and inviting all of them along to participate in family activities. I love them for that. They'll spent some time with Marquee's parents on Christmas Day and also with my boys' dad. They're spreading the Christmas cheer far and wide! 

After Christmas my parents will head back down south to finish packing up their house - after living there for 37 years, they'll be completely out by next week and have a tenant moving in on January 1st. 

And that's what's happened today. More tomorrow! Merry Christmas, y'all!


Wendy in Oz said...

Doin' the happy dance with ya Heather over the babies all being under one roof. At breakfast tomorrow morning it's been 2 years since I had both boys and my daughter and their partners here for Christmas breakfast. Can't wait to get together around the table and see what's been happening in everyone's lives. Plus I'll have my brother there too! Hope y'all have an awesome Christmas celebration. Christmas wishes from Down