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My People
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Friday, February 28, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday

Seven Quick Takes Friday... I'm not linking up with the interesting and entertaining folks who do 7 Quick Takes but I'm following that format because I'm not feeling terribly creative. Blog parroting? Sure, why not?

1. After roughly nine months without a cell phone, I have a new (to me) phone and a new (to me) phone number! This means for all my Real Life Friends (and family) and for all my Bloggy Friends who are very real to me (and many are LIKE family) I need to trade digits with ya. I can't get the numbers off my very old phone. Maybe I could but it's not worth the effort. Not that YOU aren't worth the effort. I want to know how to get in touch with YOU, I promise. And vice versa. It's just embarrassing to drag my seven year old pay as you go phone to the people who deal with antique phones. So message me or email me your number if you want me to know it. And vice versa. Although I can't promise to answer the phone ever because I just am not fun and social like that, I will frequently respond to a text because I am all about typing on a tiny little Barbie doll size keyboard. Because even though I'm not what my friend A.T. calls "Thumb Girl", you know, the people who always have their face buried in their phone, I still have that skewed modern mentality that actually speaking with someone is too much work. Here's the real story: I must always multi-task. I can't just sit and watch tv, it must be tv + laptop OR cooking + listening to the tv OR reading with the tv on in the background. Ok. Maybe tv is the real problem but the thing is, talking on the phone requires undivided attention and that's not usually fun for me. And this Quick Take is no longer quick so... moving on....

2. I listed the books I got at the library the other day or rather described them without titles. There was one more book that I actually started reading first that is really awesome. It's by Truett Cathy, the founder of Chick-fil-a and it is very enjoyable. I have true literary a.d.d. I can't finish one book before wanting to start another, not because the first book isn't good but because I can't wait to read the next one too. I need to have a day where I keep the tv off and just read nonstop. But that day won't be tomorrow because...

3. Tomorrow is Austin's 20th birthday and we are going to have a big time in our small town to celebrate! Ok. Big time might be an exaggeration but Cody and Marquee are coming up and I can't wait to see my Granddoggie Sammy! And his mommy and daddy, of course. And Austin is doing crawfish (gag) and we're having country fried steak and cheesecake and who knows what else. I'm expecting a full belly by this time tomorrow!

4. Not that I didn't have a full belly today! Remember my turkey veggie meatloaf that I used to make for me and Austin? Basically I do a meatloaf that is half ground turkey and half mushed chickpeas and I pack it full of all kinds of minced (and therefore invisible) vegetables. I made it today for the first time in several years. Today's version had cabbage, spinach, parsnips, red and orange bell pepper and a granny smith apple tucked in with it. It was a great solution then to getting in extra servings of vegetables when I didn't feel like cooking a big meal. I'm doing such a bad job with nutrition lately even though I know, like I really KNOW that eating right fixes so much of what ails me so I made a batch of turkey veggie loaves.

I'm running out of Quick Takes...

5. Did you see Grey's Anatomy last night? It was sort of hard to follow at times but I'm so happy that April and Jackson are together. They just make sense together. I never really watched Grey's before I was home during the day. It's our daily "soap" since all the soaps I used to watch have gone off the air. I'm still bitter that they took Guiding Light off. Even though I'm on my third loop through the entire series, I still enjoy Grey's enough to record it if I'm going to be away from the tv when it's on in the afternoon. The afternoons now are showing the time around when Izzy gets the brain tumor. Even though I know how it turns out, it's entertaining.

6. I'm not a big movie fan. Well... not a CURRENT movie fan. I'm all about some Turner Classic Movies and know way more about old cinema than someone my age should. But I am a big fan of the Oscars. I love the pomp and circumstance, the tradition, the red carpet. I love the human interest side of it. And having worked in local theater and seen how much of themselves actors pour into a role, I love seeing folks be rewarded for their efforts. My favorite thing about theater is the production process, all the effort that it takes to bring words from a page to life. I can only imagine how much bigger that process is with movies. In another life I would have been a Costume Designer. Or a Stage Manager. Or a Production Assistant. I want to be there and enjoy the magic but not have the entire responsibility.

7. The battle with ambien continues. I've taken half of one every night this week. I haven't attempted to go without because it has been such a busy week. Next week when I don't have to be out and about during the day, I'll go back to waging war on insomnia. For now, I'm just proud that I'm able to get by with less.

And that's about it for today. Hope you have a great weekend! Love and hugs! And don't forget to send me your phone number!


Lea said...

Do you have a recipe for your turkey loaf? It sounds so yummy! Saying prayers you get deep restful sleep on less Ambien:)