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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Saturday, February 8, 2014

And The Short Of It

I wrote a novel about living with pain if you're interested. It's right below. If not, here's a shorter blog entry about what's going on around here.

I'm in the process of weaning off ambien. I cut the dose in half and was doing fine with that. Now I'm trying to just take the half dose every other day. The first night I was up until 6am and slept two hours that night. The second night I was up until 4am and slept four hours that night. Progress! Ambien is the only medication (besides blood pressure meds) that I was taking daily and the only reason that I was having to go to the pain doctor every other month. They won't prescribe more than two months at a time. My income being what it is - or isn't - I've got to cut back on medical expenses. Being able to live without ambien will be HUGE. Plus, it's a really unsafe drug but that's a much longer story. Anyways... the sleep disruption has made me less bloggy this week.

Yesterday I went to the library and checked out another five books. I took back the three I had read since Monday. Yes. Three books in four days... which happens when you don't sleep. I'm reading Valerie Bertinelli's two books Losing It and Finding It. I checked out a book about the making of Gone With The Wind, an old pictorial biography about Prince William and a history of Saturday Night Live. Reading is such a great escape for me. Our local library is small and they don't have a lot of newer books... they literally have the King James Version of the Bible on the new release shelf. I'm not joking. But there are definitely books there that I haven't read and I'm having fun exploring there.

This morning I made a trip to the grocery store for snacks for our Olympics watching. I fell asleep during the Opening Ceremony last night. I nodded off after the parade of nations and woke up as they were lighting the cauldron. I slept through all that Russian History propaganda in the middle. I was just so glad to sleep that I didn't mind. Today I've been watching ice skating and speed skating and skiing stuff and I've just been in Olympic Heaven!

I've added ads to my blog. When I had them on before I made about $5 a month.... which isn't much, right? But I have more readers now and heck, $5 a month is more than I'm making otherwise. I hope they're not a distraction and don't make it feel too commercial here. You only have to open this website for me to get credit - you don't have to click on the ads - so come visit often!

AND that's the short story! Happy Saturday!