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My People
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Surviving The Storm

I didn't adjust the color - this is how it looked at first light!
I woke up again today to a beautiful wintry landscape. It snowed the first half of the day and we've had this freezing rain/sleet stuff falling this evening. People on the Southside of Atlanta are dealing with severe icing and power outages. They say that about 100,000 people in the State of Georgia are without power but it seems like everyone on my friends list is out of power at the moment. Fortunately we still have power.

With the majority of the state frozen in place, I'm seeing a lot of cabin fever among my Georgia Facebook friends. I am feeling quite superior right now because the one thing I'm REALLY GOOD AT during this stage of life is sitting around doing nothing. I should hold a class on how to entertain yourself when you can't go anywhere or do anything. Hint: you need a remote control, a laptop and pharmaceutical assistance.

My mom is dealing with her cabin fever by cleaning. My dad is watching a lot of game shows from the seventies on the Game Show channel. It's almost as if he's catching up on all the shows he didn't have time to watch when he was working, raising kids and busy with church back in the day.

In the South when there's any weather "event" the local news goes into wall to wall continuous coverage. Before the storm I soak up as much information as possible. I become an expert on the situation, like some kind of freakish weather savant. By this point of the storm I am SO over it that I don't even care what they say. We're supposedly getting four more inches of snow before it's all said and done. Whatever. As long as the ice melts before I run out of library books, I'll be happy.

Oscar in the snow
I've taken a hundred pictures, mostly from two steps outside my back door. I made a batch of potato soup today. I finished reading my book on the making of Gone With The Wind and am reading the history of Saturday Night Live. Expanding my horizons with every trip to the library, aren't I? There's no cabin fever in the Whine Cellar - the days snowed in fly by just as fast as every other day.

The only real problem I've had is that I've had to stay away from Pinterest which always makes me hungry for random things that look amazing and easy to make and always ultimately have one or two key ingredients that we don't have on hand. Since I made soup today and Pop made soup last night (beef and barley and it was awesome!) Austin is wanting to make tomato soup. We've never made it homemade. I actually think the canned stuff tastes like watered down ketchup so maybe homemade would be better. We found a recipe with little grilled cheese croutons that looks so good that I can't wait to get the ingredients for Austin to make it.

Pain wise my back has been pretty bad this afternoon but the evil gut pain has stayed away and I haven't had a headache today. Any day without a headache is a good day. I've been getting up earlier this week and haven't had too much trouble going to sleep. I took a nap yesterday afternoon which used to be a rare thing but I've done it a few times in the past month.

Hope you're all safe and warm and surviving cabin fever. I've posted a lot of pictures on my Facebook and I think it's open to the public, even if you aren't my Facebook friend. Just click here!

Love and hugs, y'all!