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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloweekend!

It's been a fun weekend for watching the world through social media! Lots of costumes and festivities going on. I've just been Facebook, FaceTiming, Snapchatting, and Instagramming my heart out! Oh, and iClouding... because lots of great baby photos there in our family. I've also been making Bitmoji's... the sort of cartoon character version of myself... for use here in the blog. I thought I'd share a few of my favorite photos from the weekend with you guys.

I didn't do much Saturday except very intentional, necessary rest. Today I've been a bit more productive as I have called in prescription refills, folded some (not all) clean laundry, worked on Jamie's Beauty and the Beast costume, put a goodie box together for Cosette to get when she trick or treated here (which she did earlier). I've tidied a bit but nothing really noticeable. I worked on my Italian, of course - never miss a day - I watched a lot of football yesterday. I've watched a lot of documentaries today. Basically, it came, it went, it was a weekend.

Tomorrow or Tuesday we're going to have some Cosy time. I'm leaning more toward Tuesday because I want to give my back ONE MORE DAY of hard core rest and because I don't want her to be worn out from Trunk or Treating tonight and then hanging with us all day and then Trunk or Treating tomorrow night. So maybe Tuesday or maybe tomorrow, we'll see.

< ---- Cosette in her Princess Anna costume including her adorable little boots! I can't wait to dress her in leggings and boots this Winter! She was a bit out of sorts because they stopped by for just a few minutes for us to see her and were in a hurry to leave and get to church but Tasha was downstairs looking for stuff to borrow for her own costume... it was nuts there for a minute. And of course, Mawmaw and I were snapping photos the whole time!

Does this "Trunk or Treat" deal sound crazy to you? Essentially it's a group of people who gather in one location (like a church parking lot) and instead of trick or treating door to door, the kids trick or treat from one trunk of a car to the next trunk. Some people go all out with the trunk decorations, some are bland. It's great for collecting a lot of candy in a short distance and you know you aren't bothering anyone by knocking on their door. Also, up here, going door to door is not practical as houses are generally spaced way too far apart, there's not standard street lighting and roads and driveways can be really steep (like ours).

I took an empty box and spray painted it with chalk paint and then decorated it for a treat box for Cosy. We gave her peanut butter crackers, her favorite dried apples, a Sofia the First doll she picked out last week at Walmart and some new Frozen themed hair bows. Baby Girl opened the box and tore into it, tossing things aside as she went for the next item. She is going to be GREAT at Christmas this year! I think I've decided to put the baby's big items together ala Santa instead of them opening a box with a picture of something that must be assembled. Have to make sure that Ollie's will fit in Cody's car assembled but I think it will.


Monday -

I fell asleep last night as I was typing this blog. I slept hard until 10pm and then woke up. Woke up again at midnight and then only dozed from midnight on until morning. I was semi-dozing  when Tasha sent me a "do you want a baby girl?" text this morning and I had to defer until tomorrow. I'm just wiped out.  From doing nothing. Well, I did a few things yesterday but still. This is my life. Some days I just can't function and today is one of those days.

I do so very much love that our co-parenting/grandparenting relationship has evolved to such an informal situation. There are still some things that Austin and Tasha have to negotiate and that happens two weeks from today in mediation. There's a lot that is hard to know... like when she'll be ready to spend the night. She's not now. She does great with us and is always happy to see us... and always happy to go home. It seems to be so much better since we do the pick up and drop off at Tasha's house, I feel like Cosy understands the process better now. She sees us and immediately hands us her pacifier. That is Cosy's way of saying, "You now have my most prized possession so now you must take me with you". When we drive into our driveway she says, "Oof" which is what she calls our dog Oscar. When we pull up into her mom's driveway she gets excited. I feel like Cosy is very secure and happy whether she's with us or her mom and that makes my heart almost burst from joy! I want her to know that she's loved.

Oliver is the same way. I feel like he is loved and treasured by so many people... he's got his parents, Marquee's parents who absolutely adore him, Marquee's Aunt is basically another grandma for him - she loves him so much, Marquee's grandma Josie loves him to pieces and of course, he's got me, Mawmaw and Pop up here and he feels quite at home and comfy here too. Since I FaceTime with him so often, whenever Cody gets his iPad out Oliver starts saying, "Nana!" because that's what Cody uses for FaceTime. Both babies are surrounded by people who love them deeply and that means the world to me.

I was just going to share some Halloween photos and I got into this very emotional subject of my grandbabies... but truly, they are just my heart and they make every bit of life better! Here are some pictures of Oliver that I snagged from his iCloud folder from this weekend:

 And some pictures of Cosy that I snagged from her mom's Facebook. Cosy's best friend, Kennedy dressed up as Elsa and Cosy was Princess Anna.

Now here are some pictures of me from Snapchat this weekend. I know I've said this a thousand times but I LOVE Snapchat filters because they hide a thousand flaws and add makeup and other disguises. I'm constantly taking selfies... so vain... but I want my grandkids to be able to look back and say, "wow Nana... you filtered yourself really well!".

Sick of photos yet? Here are just a few more.

Here is Jamie's Beauty and the Beast costume for when she's a villager. She is also a fork or spoon, I forget which. I've got to add ribbon around the wrists, right where the lace starts. It's to hide my stitches but also is a historically accurate. Buying ribbon tomorrow. I'm also going to tack down the shawl so she doesn't have to fiddle with it while performing and I'm stitching the under skirt to the shirt so that she doesn't have to worry about whether it's at the right length. The thing about costumes is... they only have to look good from thirty feet but they have to be held together in a different way than clothes you would wear in everyday life. I'm not the best and it's been awhile since I've built a costume for a show but some of it is just thinking through what the person is going to be doing when they wear it. The hardest part is keeping Little Kitty off of the costume while I'm working on it because he thinks he must always be in my lap. Jamie is very allergic to cats. 
Anyways... sorry it's not a Reasons to Love Monday but I guess you could say that I did list my reasons for loving this Halloween Monday! I don't feel great today but I do feel very blessed. 

Oh... and I forgot to mention... my mom had her cancer treatment on Friday and she did much, much better this time. They were able to give her something to battle the nausea and it made a huge difference. Thank you for your prayers and good wishes for her. 
Hope you have a great week! Love and hugs, y'all! 


monica said...

That was a loaded post.
Your grandkids are so adorable. Beautiful babies.
Cosy is so delicate and Oliver looks like a bruiser.
That Trunk or Treat is becoming popular. I think it
could be a better & safer idea than going door to door.
Those days are over, unfortunately.
I'm glad to hear your you mom had less bad effects after
her treatment. I pray for her on a regular basis. She's
on my list. I know how painful issues of the pancreas
can be.
You all have come far in the Cosy case. Hopefully all
will continue to go well.
I see you are enjoying all the filters that you can. Enjoy it.
Take care,