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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, October 3, 2016

Reasons To Love Monday

This is from last week but it just makes me grin!
Happy Monday, y'all! Another week looms large ahead of us. I'm enjoying the brief hiatus of pain that happens when my pain meds are at the peak efficiency so I thought it would be a good time to find Reasons To Love Monday!!

1. The last week has been rough for Austin but he has enjoyed having a little less stress on him since his job duties have changed. It still stinks that he hasn't reaped the rewards of his hard work but... his attitude is good and we're hopeful that good things will come of this. Every challenge you face in life presents an opportunity to see what God has worked out to your benefit. We are believing in good things ahead. And honestly... this kid has had such a rough year... our family has had such a rough year... it helps keep things in perspective. We got this. He has lost a massive amount of weight this year, though which makes me want to feed him constantly.

2. Speaking of... Austin did his Jury Duty today. The case was involving something with State Farm so he was dismissed right away... ironically... not because I worked for State Farm but just because I have a State Farm policy. It's weird how all of that works out. I was glad it was over quickly because I was in a lot of pain this morning and I wanted to have him home so I could be settled in for the day as soon as possible.

3. You know how my Favorite Things were mostly food? My RTLM are also a lot about food. That's my vice, y'all. On Saturday I stopped by the local Amish bakery (which is really run by German Baptists but that's not the point). I picked up a batch of pecan rolls and some wedding cookies. I have enjoyed those pecan rolls for breakfast for the past three days and believe me, that is a great way to start your week! Not healthy but... really yummy!

4. Another good thing from the bakery that isn't food... The sweet lady who manages the place has known us since we moved here 8 years ago. She asked about my kids and grandkids and I shared some of the stress that we've been going through with Austin's work. I just love living in a town where people not only recognize you but actually remember your family and circumstances. That happened on Saturday but it's a RTLM because I still live in the same town today. HA!

5. It's not MY reason to love this week but in a way it is. Cody and Marquee and Oliver are going to Disney this weekend and I am so excited for them! They went last October and Oliver was just too small to get anything out of it. This year it's going to be so much fun for him. I can't wait to see pictures (and of course, I'll share what I can!). We'll be watching Sammy the dog this weekend so that should be fun. Right? Some other family members are also going to be in Disney at the same time and I'll tell you more about that next week. I wish I could do Disney. My body could not handle the trip, never mind all the walking or getting on any ride but I love living vicariously through Oliver!

6. This hurricane out there... y'all... my kid is in Myrtle Beach and my brother's family is up in New York. I have friends all along the Eastern coast so of course, we want Matthew to head as far to the east as possible. Believe it or not... even though it's several days and hundreds of miles away, I can already feel the change in the atmosphere. I'm really struggling to find a comfortable position. I didn't blog yesterday because I just felt so icky. How to turn this into a Reason To Love? Hmmm.... well, I'm glad that my duties for the day are done and as always, I'm grateful that my disability was approved because I cannot begin to imagine what life would be like if I was trying to work through days like this. Happy to be in my nest.

7. I made a little Walmart run yesterday which turned into a bigger Walmart run than I had meant for it to be. I got some new socks... a new bra... new Christmas lights for my dark hallway that doesn't have an electrical outlet. I slowly browsed the Christmas section. I did a lot more walking than I should have and I was really miserable by the time I got in the car but... a little retail therapy is always fun. And today... since he was released from Jury Duty early, Austin hung my new lights for me. Yay! To be clear... these lights aren't being used as Christmas decor... they're to light my dark hallway. But I am burning one of my Christmas-y scent candles right now and I don't even care that it's too early.

Ok... meds are wearing off and I'm randomly itching from head to toe which is usually an indication that an autoimmune flare is on the way. My life is so much fun! I've popped a benadryl and opened up a can of San Pellegrino - it's like a carbonated flavored water. Going to enter into major chill mode for the rest of my Monday. Hope YOUR Monday is going well and I hope you find many Reasons To Love Monday yourself! Love and hugs, y'all!