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My People
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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Reasons I Am Not A Daily Blogger

So much for being a daily blogger. I'm doing much better than I was earlier in the year but I still sometimes can't manage to blog every day. There are more reasons than stars in the sky but I'll share a few of them with you today:

1. Sometimes I spend too much time with the three dimensional people to have time left over for the ones that live in my laptop. Honestly, any time I use any excuse that involves "not having enough time" the Heather from ten years ago wants to knock me cross-eyed because seriously... I have more free time in a day than that Heather used to have in a week. The Ten Years Ago Heather used to be much better at time management. Also... it didn't take her as long to move from place to place. #sadbuttrue  Yesterday I spent a long time on Facetime with Oliver which was delightful. We pretty much just make faces at each other and show each other different toys but it's communication and I'll take it. We had guests for dinner (I didn't spend a lot of time with them but I did give it a sociable nod). I conversed with the son who lives in my house. Real life interaction happened.

2. I had a doctor's appointment. Going to the pain doctor is great because they are so efficient. I know that if I arrive before my appointment time I will have paperwork, urine test, doctor visit completed and next appointment scheduled in approximately fifteen minutes. Yesterday was a grand exception to that I rule. I was there over an hour and every second was painful. They had me see the doctor instead of the PA for the second time in a row only because of a scheduling error. The regular doctor pushes procedures because... cha-ching... when the PA knows what I'm willing and not willing to do. There's a new diagnosis in the works that I've been alluding to here lately. It's an auto-immune situation but nobody knows for sure exactly what so we discussed that at great length. Next stop is the rheumatologist who, frankly, I think I should have started seeing five years ago but whatever. As my condition deteriorates they are putting pieces together so now things that were considered diagnosis' are really more symptoms of a bigger disorder. I'm not intentionally being vague... this is how vague it all is right now. I just keep compiling info and every doctor visit we get a little closer. It puts me in quite a pensive mood every time because I'm trying to remember what the doctors have said and figure out if there's something I'm forgetting to tell them. Takes up a lot of head space.

3. I'm still pretty charged up about Austin's employment situation. He broke a front tooth last week and needs a root canal just at the time he's getting smaller and smaller paychecks. I'm mad about things from the financial reality of ... if he doesn't have the money, it comes out of my account... but I'm also mad that the life lessons I've worked so hard to teach him are not coming to fruition because some jerk on a Napoleon trip doesn't like my kid. In his industry showing up to work every day, learning the jobs of everyone in your department and always doing your own job plus assisting everyone else should equal promotion or at least being able to keep your job. The manager of his store put Austin in a basket from day one and the more Austin proved him wrong, the more this guy fought to bring him down. As a parent it's infuriating and as long as Austin still works there, there's not much I can do. Once he has a new job... I'm going to be writing a lot of letters. I made it to the editorial page of the local newspaper over Austin before. I never set out to be an activist autism mom but sometimes you have to be a bit grizzly and I'm not afraid to do it. He's got to be working somewhere else first, though. A smaller paycheck is better than no paycheck. Austin doesn't do change well so it's going to be a process. This also takes up a lot of my head space.

4. Another reason I don't blog everyday is sometimes I get really absorbed in what's on tv. Or Netflix. This week it is The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It's about a girl who is held hostage underground for fifteen years who is freed and moves to New York. It is HILARIOUS! It's so well written and stars just really funny people like Ellie Kemper - she was Erin on The Office. Last week I was obsessed with the Weather Channel and Call the Midwife. On Saturdays it's college football. I'm such a good couch potato I should get paid for it!

5. One thing I'm NOT watching on tv is too much election coverage. I just can't. I'm working hard at appreciating the diversity of my friends on Facebook and the fact that people are so deeply invested in the election process this time. My Facebook friends are split into three parts: I'm with her, I'm with him and I'm with neither. The two that are definitely one way or the other are so critical of the other decided third. The third that is so over it all are just as annoying with the constant "make it end" that I can't handle them either (even if I could possibly be sorted into that house). I will say this... the ones who are with her are becoming increasingly angered over things and increasingly insulting toward the other side of the aisle. My vote is and will always be over the same issue - abortion. The changes that will be made in the Supreme Court in the next 4-8 years are simply too important to get hung up over men who think with the lower brain and either act or don't act on it and the women who choose to defend them. My conviction is that ending a life is the greatest wrong that mankind can commit against mankind and the rights I feel compelled to protect are those of the unborn. That's who I am at the very core of my being and it's the single issue that trumps (no pun intended) all other issues for me. I can get all wound up about all the October Wiki-leak surprises but at the end of the day, in my heart, abortion is the greatest evil in our nation right now and it's the one that I feel most obligated to fight. I don't expect all of you to agree, in fact, I'm proud that I have a diverse spectrum of people who read my blog. God gives us each our own calling and we have to follow the path He guides us down. I don't feel obligated to insult you or attempt to change your mind. I respect your right to choose... the candidate you prefer. I will never support the right to choose to take the life of another living being.

I would continue with a few more reasons I don't blog every day but it's hard to continue past that last subject. I'm going to keep trying to blog every day but I'm pretty sure I'm going to miss a day here and there, it's inevitable. If you miss me... you can probably find me on Instagram or Facebook or somewhere floating around in cyberspace. If I'm awake, I'm probably online somewhere! I hope you're all well and that your week has started well. The weather here could not be more perfect and I'm happy as a lark in a big hoodie and sweatpants with a cool breeze blowing through the window. Tomorrow is Cosy day so if I'm not too tired, I'll come back here with a few pictures. If not, you'll see her on other social media. In the meantime... love and hugs, y'all!


Red*Hot@52! said...

Perhaps you can coach Austin on a letter to corporate human resources on his situation? There's got to be some kind of confidential reporting line for the company where he can send information on how he's being treated, especially if he is positive that others are not performing as well as he is, are tardy or calling out frequently, etc.