My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Thursday, October 20, 2016

I Hate Mornings

Today I...

Cried my eyes out at 7am thinking about what I had to do today.
Then THIS Buttercup sucked it up and got on my way.
I did my Italian lesson.
Caught up on as much news as I could stand without getting stabby.
Put on makeup.
Organized my makeup table.
Got dressed.
Other things that I'm sure I'm forgetting.
Took Austin to get his root canal.
Went to Lowe's to buy paint and paint supplies.
Went to Walmart to buy ibuprofen for Austin's mouth.
Went to Chickfila to buy lunch for all of us.
Came home and did some sitting.
Taped up the bathroom for painting.
Changed into my painting clothes.
Painted my bathroom with my mom. You can see the main color in my bun in the picture to the left. I will have two little accent walls that are purple (not painted yet) and my theme is Mermaids.
Changed out of my painting clothes.
Sent a lot of Snapchats. If you want to really know what's going on in my life, Snapchat is the way and it's very easy. I think tomorrow I'll do a tutorial if anyone is interested. My Snapchat name is HGant5. Add me!
Now I'm sitting in my nest in my cosy pj's catching up on YouTube.

This concludes the re-telling of my Thursday thus far.
Pop is picking up Taco Bell for dinner.
We are all about the fast food today - we had pizza for lunch yesterday.
It will be a surprise to no one when my cholesterol is high when I go for labs in two weeks.
I have a few Throwback Thursday photos to share. I apologize if these are duplicates of ones I've already shared in the past week. I have a really short memory.

The first is me holding Jamie on what I think was her first Thanksgiving - 2005. I got to see my Jamie girl yesterday. She is DEEP in rehearsals for Beauty and The Beast. They are at the point of rehearsing four or more hours a night AFTER school so she is one busy little spoon! I told her about "show friendships" and how you bond so deeply with the people you do shows with because you have such intense, long periods of time together. I have many, many folks I'm still in touch with that I did shows with 13 or 14 years ago. She is loving every minute of it and I am so happy that she loves what I love (theater).

SPEAKING of my girls... Sarabeth made the basketball team for her Middle School! So very proud of her and I am going to definitely go see her play!

The next picture is me and Purple Michael. This would have been around 2006, I think.  I miss him so much! It has been years and years since I've seen him. He lives in Chicago and when he comes to Atlanta he has so much family to see and they all live south of Atlanta and I, of course, live north of Atlanta. He's in my heart forever, though, and I'm so grateful for the times we shared together!

AND last... I love this picture so much! It is (L-R) my sister-in-law Angie, my cousin Melissa and me holding Jamie. This was at a family reunion in 2005, I believe in the spring but I'm not certain. We look like we're waiting for a bus or something. (I should note... my SIL Angie lost a ton of weight after this and has maintained that loss forever. I almost forgot that she ever had a little fluff on her way back when!)

And that's all for today folks! Happy Friday Eve! Love and hugs, y'all!