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My People
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

happy sunday!

It's a rainy, cool morning in Georgia and I am loving it! The windows are open... the breeze is blowing through... Bitty Kitty is perched on his window seat keeping watch over it all. I'm so glad for a change in the weather. I love fall!

The next time I have a chance to take a flu shot I will PASS! I don't know if it's the antibiotic shot, the recovery from strep or the flu shot but I feel like I have been hit by a truck. I have no appetite - which is crazy odd for me - my neck is stiff - I'm so sleepy that I could go down for a nap NOW. But I won't. I will be nesting today, however.

Last night while I was watching the Gator game, they showed the part of the Swamp where my friend Whitney - that I worked with in Jacksonville - has season tickets. I thought to myself, "If Rich was ever to propose to Whitney... this would be the perfect place". I felt it so strongly that I almost texted her to share that thought but... I know that they get lots of "when are you getting married" comments and I didn't want to pile on. They've been together four years... living together two... and they're just the most precious, perfect couple. Whitney was the person that I would consider *my only friend* in Jacksonville. She was the one who helped out if I needed someone. She was the only person outside of family who came to my 40th birthday dinner. She came to visit me in the psych ward... we're talking a really good friend. She is one of the few things I miss about Jacksonville.

WELLLLLL... low and behold... my intuition was correct... Whitney's mom just posted on facebook that Whitney and Rich got engaged at the game last night! I seriously cried tears of joy for them. I can't imagine two people more ready for marriage and more likely to be able to make a marriage work. I'm so happy for them! (Incidentally, his name is Rich Ricci... like Richie Rich, only backwards... how cute is that?)

Today is my mom's birthday so be sure and stop by her facebook page and wish her a happy day!

It's also my cousin's daughter's birthday (or... my 1st cousin once removed, if you understand that stuff)... happy birthday, Dixie!

Lots of happy to go around today...

Austin's still honeymooning with his friend Zach. Mercy. Wonder if they will live happily ever after?

I was so exhausted after doing all my cooking yesterday but I STILL went ahead and cleaned the kitchen. When I got up this morning... it felt so nice walking into a clean kitchen. It almost made me want to deep clean the rest of the house but then I realized that I need to conserve energy and make sure I rest and recover. Full steam ahead next week...

So that's my happy Sunday... wishing one for you too!


moshell's lilbit of space said...

Let me just tell you...I did deep clean this weekend (minus living room & my bedroom) and I do feel like I have been hit by a truck, but the majority of my house looks & feels so NICE. Working on the rest this week inbetween studys.