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Saturday, September 4, 2010

saturday stuff

Medical marijuana is such a joke. Ok... maybe there are some medicinal qualities... but opium has redeeming qualities too and it isn't healthy for the masses. Although... my political position is that all illegal drugs should be legalized. We'd save a fortune in jails and police could focus on other things than busting poor Paris Hilton because someone left cocaine in her purse. Survival of the fittest... if people are allowed to use legally, the price of drugs would go down and all these meth-heads and crack addicts wouldn't have to resort to crime to get their fix. Those with the worst addictions would eventually die off...

I'm half joking. But seriously... it's like prohibition... yes, there is an element of society with alcoholism... but it didn't exactly lead to the downfall of society. Obama is handling that all by himself. Actually... the longer this Obama administration is in power... the more likely we all are to need a little herbal relief. I say, legalize it all.

There was a story on Fox and Friends about people suing their employer because they were fired for drug use for using medical marijuana. I mean... it's legal for me to take xanax but if I'm zoned out on it, I think my boss has the right to dismiss me rather than have me screw up his business. That's what got me started on this tangent this morning.

I found a Barnes and Noble gift card that my parents had given "it" for Christmas - apparently either in 2006 or 2007. It was still good so I bought The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook by Tosca Reno and the soundtrack to the Broadway show, "Promises, Promises" starring my dream BFF Kristin Chenowith and my dream gay husband, Sean Hayes. They came yesterday. Sooooo... thanks, mom and dad! I'll be enjoying those this weekend. The cookbook is awesome... right along the lines of what I eat... and Candice... if you haven't gotten this book by Christmas, you may just find it under your tree from me because I know you would love it!

I also borrowed some Christian novels from the library and stayed up until 1am reading... but of course, was wide awake way before dawn (thanks to my "regularity" and my kitty cat who thinks I'm supposed to be awake by 5:30 am so he can commandeer the warm spot in the bed). I have lots to entertain myself with this weekend... including double mastery weekend on farmville... the back to school mission on frontierville... college football on tv today... and I imagine I could put a little effort into cleaning the mini-mansion.

Thanks for your comments from yesterday. Sometimes it feels like i'm just tossing my thoughts on the wind to entertain myself... and then every now and then I'll get a comment online or in real life or an email that makes me realize that people actually do read this blog on purpose every day.

My co-worker's dad finally had heart surgery yesterday and at last report, he was doing fine. I know some of you were praying about this situation and I can tell you, she sounded so relieved yesterday afternoon that I nearly cried. Daddy's girls just don't know how to handle it when their dad is less than 100%. We had a few quiet moments on Thursday morning so I prayed with her about the surgery. I think it's nice to say, "I'm praying for you"... but it's quite a different thing to actually do it and let the other person know exactly what you're saying to God about them. Prayer is powerful... whatever your perspective is on a Higher Power... its undeniable that focusing your energy on positive, hopeful thoughts can only help.

Earl sounds like he turned out to be a dud. Earl had to die... do do do do do do... Goooood-byyyyyye Earl... can't stop singing it.

Theresa and I had talked about our skin care routine last week... I had virtually none... sad to say... which is weird because people always tell me I look young... and I have been doing nothing to preserve my youthful appearance. SO... the next morning I came into work and T had a little gift bag for me with noxema and oil of olay. I've been cleaning my face with noxema this week and it's amazing what a difference it has made already! And Bitty Kitty loves licking oil of olay off of my face every night. ha. It's nice, though... I've been adding healthy habits into my life over the past month and I think it's high time that I got serious about taking care of my skin. What are your beauty routines? Audience participation time!

I have weigh in today. I don't think I'll be any lower than the number listed on my ticker above, but my last official weight was 199.6 so it's almost certain that I'll have an *official* loss with Weight Watchers. Afterwards I'll be heading to the farm to pick up the last of the heirloom tomatoes for the season... maybe some fresh herbs... someone gave me a "mess" of okra (that's an official measurement in the south) and I'm feeling like doing some type of okra/tomato/kale stew... gumbo sort of thing. Still figuring up the recipe in my head. I've got some tasty chicken sausage that might make a good base for that. It's 60 degrees this morning so a soup isn't a bad thing. I can totally see myself enjoying stew for breakfast... mmmm!

So that's the haps so far today... gonna pour myself another cup of that way too strong coffee I made and work on my farm and frontier until time to head to Weight Watchers.


Maire said...

Sorry, I have to chime in here about medical marijuana. I guess until you've seen a loved one who is curled into a ball from chemo, on 5 different meds for the nausea, has lost 50 lbs, and can't keep any food down, (not just one person either)and you see what a difference MM makes, kinda changes your outlook on it.
I've seen what a difference it makes in relieving pain, in different forms, including my own. I qualify for it now, did not smoke it while I was working.

JennBand08 said...

my skincare regime is basically this Philosophy facial scrub stuff in the shower, and a little moisturizer. when I turned 40 I bought some nice $$ eye cream, but I don't remember to use it as often as I should. Since its lasted me so long, I guess it wasnt as costly as I first thought. :) I'm glad to hear you got rid of all those old bills/papers/reminders of a bad time.

JennBand08 said...

Oh.. I forgot.. my absolute best skincare secret... WATER. I can really tell the difference in the way my face looks when I'm getting enough water!