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My People
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

newsday tuesday!

I can't decide if I'm sick or not. Since my co-worker has been really sick with a sore throat - probably strep - for the past week, I'm paranoi-ing that I've got it too. I have a sore throat but not that sore. I am not sure if it's a allergy sort of thing or just excessive thirst or a true sore throat. I don't want to waste the money going to the doctor if it's just allergy. I don't want to waste money missing work if it's just allergy but we really try to be careful not to expose each other at work and ... honestly, it's stressing me out.

The only other symptom I have... wait... there are two... one is the crazy ear pain at night only and only until I get upright and have something to drink.... which could mean sinus pressure and could be a sore throat symptom. The other symptom is extreme exhaustion. It hit me Saturday evening like a ton of bricks ... but I had been cooking and running around all day. And it hit me around 4:30 yesterday like a ton of bricks... but work had been crazy busy. So... I'm just praying it's nothing contagious.

Today is my daddy's birthday! Be sure and go by his blog and leave him a happy birthday comment... He's still super young... they had me and Jim while they were really young and so we have the pleasure of knowing that our parents have grown grandchildren who can take care of them in their old age.

At the office today we're putting in a new window in Kevin's office. I have such a beautiful office with a big window that takes up one whole wall with a beautiful view... Kevin's essentially in a cave... so Big D decided to knock out the brick wall and put in a window. During the day. While we're working. I'll be about three feet from where they're working. Merciful heavens. I've worked with major construction before at my uncle's office... jackhammer right outside my window while I tried to answer calls. I'm packing some advil just in case.

I had two treats yesterday... really unusual for me. I had a drop of divinity (if you're not southern... divinity is a white confection that is made from corn syrup and sugar and I don't know what else... it's one of those candies that you traditionally give at Christmas). I had a piece that was about 1 inch in diameter. It was waaaaay too sweet. And then last night I had animal crackers, which Austin eats by the tub. Neither one was a huge piece of chocolate cake with fresh cream (like my brother had last week) indulgence... but it was out of the ordinary for me. It doesn't mean that i'm off track. Actually... being able to have a little treat in a reasonable portion within my daily points reinforces my belief that this is a plan that I can live with for the rest of my life...

My next big weight watchers goal is the 25 pound mark. We did this little thing at weight watchers on Saturday... ".2, .4, .6, .8... why don't we appreciate?" where she had measured out weights of flour that held those weights... because it's so frustrating when you have a loss that's less than a pound... yet, those losses do *have weight* both literally and figureatively. They all add up. Then she passed around a five pound bag of flour to help us appreciate what a 5 pound loss means... to realize that I've lost 4 1/2 of those 5 pound bags of flour is amazing... I still have so far to go, it helps to keep that perspective of how far I've already come. I'm really making great progress. *pats back*

Time to pack my food, glam and dash in to the office. Let me know by comments here or comments on the facebook link if there is some way that I can pray specifically for you today and don't forget to stop by and wish Pop a Happy Birthday! I love you, Pop!


Sarah said...

Sore throat--more than likely it is viral. Unless you have a fever that does not go away with regular tylenol. Meaning if you have a fever take at least 1000mg of tylenol and if after a few hours (2) you still have a fever and a sore throat with swollen lymph nodes. Then you should take yourself to the doctors. But do not allow them to treat you without the results from a throat swab. Too many sore throats are being treated without proper identification of the actual bacteria.
Sarah RN BScN Masters (in progress) I work extended class ...

Anonymous said...

I have a prayer request for a classmate of Nathan's, a little boy named Payton who is suffering from leukemia. He had a bone-marrow transplant in July and is still in the hospital. Thankfully, his last spinal tap showed no cancer cells, but last week he had a severe reaction to one of his medications that caused him to become unresponsive and lost his eyesight. He has pulled through that setback and is regaining his eyesight. Please be in prayer (and I'm asking your bloggers to do the same) for God's healing power to touch this little boy. His 10th birthday is Saturday. If you are on Facebook, you can find a prayer site for him under "Prayers for Payton."