My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

quick whiny wednesday post

I'm feeling a little out of sorts this morning. Not bad. Not angry. Not depressed. Just... anxious, I suppose. Weird. Apprehensive. Not sure why... me and God will be talking about that on the way to work. Hopefully I'll get things sorted out.

Is it really the 8th already? Wow. Today is my ex-stepson's birthday. God bless him. I pray that he is loved the way his mama loved him before she passed away. I pray that he is being raised to be a respectful, honorable member of society. Based on my brief time in his life and based on the role model set before him... i highly doubt it.

Bitty came back and has been glued to me. Austin saw him in the woods and got him... but Bitty scratched Austin up bad... clawed his back. He wasn't ready to quit tomcatting... but he's happy to be home. He's been purring like a little motorboat. Poor fur ball... doesn't know what he wants... he's figured out there's a great big world outside and he wants to enjoy it but he also loves the security of curling up in mommy's lap.

Today is my early release day... no bible study tonight because we're having sort of a one day revival. I'll miss my hen-party but it's good to have a little religion.

Need to do some major salad making as I'm out... had caprese salad for breakfast... will have a bean burrito (that I made myself ... whole wheat tortilla... low fat...) for lunch. Dinner is a mystery. I imagine it will involved salad bar for me... and whatever the main entree for dinner is on top of that salad. Hope we don't have chicken pot pie. Ugh. That wouldn't work. Or spaghetti.

At any rate... my weight is 196.5 today... I'll take it. Must hurry and glam... been dragging this morning. Happy Wednesday, y'all!