My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

whiny wednesday...

I can see the finish line for my first big weight watchers goal and I'm soooo eager to get there! As of this morning... I'm no closer to it than I was last Saturday... but my weight loss is cyclical. I have a great week, two ok weeks and then a week of miniscule loss - like .2 pounds. This week is the miniscule loss week. But I still believe... it could happen. And if not this week, next for sure. The point is that I'm moving forward and that makes me super happy.

My co-workers dad - the one who had heart surgery almost two weeks ago - is back in the hospital with infection. Please continue to pray for Hank. He's a great guy, a really loving father and he is so uncomfortable.

I'm having a baked potato for breakfast. Why not? I try to vary what I eat... I rarely eat a traditional breakfast. Yesterday it was a spicy black bean burger (without bun), carrots and hummus. I loved all those flavors, it had protein, veggies... good stuff.

I sent Cody a text this morning and he replied with, "who is this?" I try to give my kids as much space as they want... don't place obligations on them about how often I expect them to contact me... I don't bother them. I want them to want to talk to me but if they don't... I respect that. The last thing I want to be is a drag. But... I mean, come on... wouldn't you recognize your mom's phone number? Oy vey. Totally broke my heart. Just a big old exclamation point on my emotions about the upcoming holiday season.

Anyways... that's the extent of my whine for the day... otherwise... glad it's Wednesday, glad to be back with my girls at church tonight... looking forward to meeting our new employee today... looking forward to building new team dynamics in our office.

Must glam and dash... love and hugs and hope for a whineless Wednesday for all of us!