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My People
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

thankful thursday - feeling icky edition

I was sick so much last year... it almost became a lifestyle. It WAS a lifestyle, who am I kidding? And this year... I was hellbent for leather that I was going to be well. I changed my diet, I changed my dependence on pharmaceuticals, I changed my mindset and I have worked HARD at being healthy. A few times this year I've had headaches or felt a little run down or had some ickies but for the most part, I've been infinitely healthier.

This morning... not so much. I was sick to my stomach but figured it would pass. I had a sore throat but thought it was just a dry throat. On the way to work I got slammed with morning sickness type overwhelming "reverse digestion" and had to stop... switch directions... go home... and make the call of shame calling in sick to work. SO... I've been a big ole slacker today. The nausea and other general unpleasantness has subsided but my throat is KILLING ME.

SO I've been tucked in my nest wrapped up in a blanket despite the 86 degree temp... wearing a sweatshirt... suffice to say...there's no doubt that something is out of order. I will not freak out. I will not give up. I will not let this take me back down the road to being an invalid. I'm just gonna keep eating healthy, drinking plenty, rest when I need to and let this thing run its course.

The psychological factor is not lost on me... I was feeling blue then I was feeling ick. I don't know if the blues hit me because I was starting to get sick or if I started feeling sick because I had the blues. Chicken or the egg, you know?

Last year... being sick meant filling up on any and every bit of comfort food that I had a whim for. Today I've eaten spicy okra and tomatoes (I know it's odd but whenever I'm nauseous I crave spicy things)... taboule... and a dark chocolate frozen banana. Totally point friendly. Not messing up weigh in on Saturday because i felt icky for a day or so. I will not get off plan! Austin asked me to take him to McDeadly's and I refused. Let him eat junk on someone else's dime. I don't feel like getting out anyways.

My thankful Thursday is a little different today... it's the Thankful Thursday - Feeling Icky Edition!
1. I'm thankful that I made that huge batch of tomatoes and okra last weekend.
2. I'm thankful for kitties who love to cuddle.
3. I'm thankful for my big chickfila cup that I keep ice water in
4. I'm thankful for ice water
5. I'm thankful for having an ice maker
6. I'm thankful for my new brand of taboule mix - Casbah - much more flavorful than the Near East brand.
7. I'm thankful for the absolutely gorgeous and delicious heirloom cherry tomatoes that I put in my taboule.
8. I'm thankful for internet.
9. I'm thankful to no longer be addicted to carbs... sugar... white flour. I had to actually wipe the dust of the sugar cannister the other day.
10. I'm thankful for my comfy chillaxing yoga pants and sweatshirt.

Austin is being a demanding brat and he totally erased my happy little train of grateful thoughts. I don't like McDonalds. I don't want to spend money on McDonalds. I don't feel like getting out and I completely resent him throwing a tantrum over wanting to eat there. ARGH!

That's my Thursday.