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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

tuesday newsday... what's new in my life

Thinking about going to the farm again tonight... at the risk of appearing like i have no life... because I'd like to take photos around the farm.

It will depend on how my day goes. Yesterday was a suck-fest. It started right out of the chute with some baby mama insurance drama... you know, ex husband insures car for ex-wife to have that to hold over her head... and then doesn't give her insurance card or keep payments up, etc. And... if the car is in an accident, the check goes to the ex-husband and ex-wife may or may not actually be able to fix her car. It's... in a word... illegal. You can't insure something you don't own. So I started my day arguing with this control freak who wanted to tell me - a licensed insurance agent - what he knew about insurance law and how I must not know my job - since I disagreed with him. Punk.

We were shorthanded but won't be for long... we have a new girl starting tomorrow. Office politics being what they are... it's a delicate process, bringing someone new into the mix and she's younger than the rest of us. But we're all nice people and she's experienced so it should be a smooth transition.

Gosh... my five minutes to blog evaporated WAY too quickly!

We had a pizza party for lunch yesterday - a sales reward - and I partook. I had two pieces of thin crust veggie pizza for a total point expense of 10.5. Honestly... I just don't like pizza. I'd rather eat a whole lot of not fat flavorful stuff than eat grease and carbs. It was a good reminder to me that my way of eating is the best way for me.

I did oven fried cod last night and austin liked it, loved it, ate it and was pleased. Yep, it won't kill you to eat healthy. Even if you're a teenager.

Bitty Kitty is loving walking on a leash with Austin. He can wiggle out of his collar, though, so we really need a harness... but... once again... the deadbeat dad has dropped off the face of the earth without paying child support and won't respond to my emails. Every time I think I just might be able to get caught up to the extent that I'm not having to pay stinking late fees and bounced check charges all the durn time and when I think I might be able to get health insurance for Austin and actually be able to BREATHE in this ridiculously lopsided budget I have to live with... deadbeat dad sketches out on me again. Makes me want to quit work, go on welfare, move to government housing, collect food stamps and just stinking give up. I hate it. I'm so sick of living broke all the time... working full time and living like I don't work at all. It's not fair. I'm just saying.

Sorry to take a bitter turn on you... just frustrated.

Need to hurry up and glam.

The pizza doesn't seem to have affected my weight... I made sure to drink lots of water to combat the salt bloat, I made sure to work out a little while yesterday, although not at top performance because I was feeling icky from eating pizza. I'm still hoping, praying and WORKING toward that ten percent reward on Saturday.

Time is fleeting... must dash... love and hugs, y'all!