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My People
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

thankful thursday - happy hiney edition

I guess in light of the recent tummy troubles that have stricken our family, I shouldn't tease about a happy hiney... but I have one... because I have a brand new office chair and it's much more comfy than the stool on wheels I had been spending 8 hours a day on... LOVE my new chair!

Austin feels that I have misrepresented his window vs head incident. I told him like I used to tell my ex-husband... don't do stupid stuff and I won't have anything to blog about.

It's remarkable that someone who has no life always has something to talk about. But... as I told my sister-in-law earlier this week, "even a stopped clock is right twice a day".

Mercy, I'm tired. Can't shake it. My exercise plan has fallen to the wayside while I've been sleepwalking again from exhaustion. Gonna change that this weekend... I plan to get off my smaller rear and get myself in gear... do something outdoors in the beautiful (almost) fall weather that we're expecting.

Last night at church we had bbq pork sandwiches, baked beans and potato chips for dinner. Epic fail! Except... I was smart about it... I grabbed a plate, filled it with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cukes, and a little cheese and THEN took just the pork, not the bun, and made a bbq salad! Yay me!

I was starving when I got home, though. Gonna have to supplement a bit, I'm afraid, on Wednesday night. Our dinners are a bargain - $5 - although it's less of a bargain since I'm only eating about 1/2 what I used to, no dessert and drinking water. Oh well...

Big Brother is winding down... only about two more weeks left. It has been the lamest season in a long time which is why I haven't mentioned it much.

Ready for football season. Go Gators. Go Broncos.

I finished 15 hours of continuing ed yesterday - required for my insurance license. That made me happy.

Hen Party was good last night. Our fearless leader is still traveling the world (or, West Virginia) but will be back soon. I miss her... but those of us who were together and our fill-in leader (who is a beautiful lady - both in appearance and spirit) we had a great time.

I got fined $25 for not paying a toll in Atlanta last weekend. I have the prepaid "cruise card" on my car so I wonder if it ran out of money or what happened... gotta call to find out. The fine is minor but it still hurts my feelings. I was legit! I thought!

Lunch time is over... gotta get back to the grindstone... at least I'm comfortable. Happy Thursday, y'all.


Missie said...

We've been amazed how a good chair makes a big difference when sitting at a desk for hours. No more cheap chairs for us.

Have a good night.

Anonymous said...

Love bar-b-que salads! Would rather have that than bar-b-que on a bun any day!