My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Thursday, July 16, 2009

feeling groovy

I survived! I woke up this morning feeling ten feet tall and bullet proof again. Yesterday is history. I made it past yet another hurdle/road block/icky reminder and I’m still here. The sun is shining on the magnolia tree right outside my office window. My world is bright and fresh and green and full of hope and wonder and opportunity. Bi-polar much?

I am still coughing but it’s better. My CT scan is scheduled for next Friday. I’ve got it scheduled for early in the morning before work so I shouldn’t miss any time from work. My insurance will pay for it so it won’t cost anything out of pocket for me. I’ve had a weird headache since yesterday- I think it’s stress. It’s in the back of my head, which is usually stress. I’m not still stressed… but you know how those things go. I had a good enough cry yesterday that my eyes are puffy still. I wonder how many more times in my life I will cry over what that man did to me? What if that was my last cry over him? How cool would that be? I certainly don’t cry over the boys’ father any more. Haven’t in years and years and years. Not even when he’s a slacker on child support (like he’s been for the past few months- he pays but he’s paying about 25% of what he’s supposed to pay… )

Ginger and Theresa both called in sick today. I guess having to cover for me yesterday wore them both out. (I’m kidding). It’s been sorta quiet here at work so it’s not a big deal. I’m going to go have salad bar for lunch. That’s a nice quiet way to break up the day for me… so if it does get crazy later, I’ll be way more chillaxed. I’m trying to make sure I do things that I enjoy – within reason. Yesterday it meant ribs, internet and banana pudding. Today it’s eating the good salad bar and looking forward to Big Brother tonight. Tomorrow it will be picking up my Auggie Doodle from the church! Yay!

I think I’m going to work Saturday to make up for some of my time from yesterday. I don’t want to lose another day’s pay and Duane really wants me to work Saturdays when I can. He likes being able to say we’re open on Saturday. I don’t mind being here so much. I can’t do it every week but since I’ve had several days off this month, I can put in a little extra time.

That’s about it for now. Just wanted to let y’all know I’ve perked back up.