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My People
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Monday, July 20, 2009


It’s Monday. What else can I say?

I’m really in a great frame of mind… but so very tired. I slept until 9am yesterday, had a great nap yesterday afternoon and went to bed early and I’m still sleepy. I’m thinking the sleepiness is connected somehow with the cough that won’t go away. I called the doctor again today and said, “hey… it’s me again, for the fourth week in a row… and I’m still coughing up stuff… and do I need another antibiotic?” Which kinda aggravated me because either (a) this stuff isn’t bacterial so it’s not responding to an antibiotic or (b) JUST LIKE IN THE PAST… the only antibiotic that works on me is that stupid levaquin and/or a shot of rocephin and either way I feel like I’ve wasted my time on pills that aren’t going to work. I had to be on an antibiotic for the teeth anyways so it was ok for the first round… but the second round just seems so unnecessary. And I’m really tired of having to have a halls in my mouth constantly. I forgot my cough drops this morning and I spent all morning reheating my green tea to keep the junk out of my throat so I could talk to clients and not cough. But we haven’t been real busy today so it hasn’t been bad.

The racetrack gas station has big fountain drinks for seventy two cents but I hate soda. Today I discovered that they have zero calorie peach flavored green tea. It’s really good. Totally worth seventy two cents.

Yesterday was ten months. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun!

Sarabeth is going to be baptized next Sunday. She accepted Christ during vacation bible school but then since her grandparents were in NYC the last week of June, they held off on baptism until this next week. (Our church does baptism once a month… because we believe that the baptism itself is an act of obedience, not the means of salvation… so therefore it is important but doesn’t actually save you. If you have questions, email me!). Traditionally, when someone accepts Christ, they make a public profession of faith and declare themselves a candidate for baptism. So yesterday, Sarabeth needed to go through the process of going forward in church at the invitation time and so on and so forth. Sarabeth is quite shy. Jamie would have run up to the front and grabbed the microphone and sung a song… you could see the skid marks in the carpet from Angie walking Sarabeth up the aisle like we were forcing her into a cult. It’s something they’ll laugh about when she’s older… but yesterday it was painful to watch… I mean, Sarabeth’s parents preach and lead worship service. Jim was shy growing up but he’s comfortable now in front of people. Angie worries about what people think but she’s not shy. Sarabeth saw that packed out church and froze. Jim tried to help her out by picking her up and ended up hiking her skirt up and so she was mortified at flashing the congregation. And then… once someone joins the church… they have them stand up front so people can “extend the right hand of Christian fellowship”… which means shake their hand and welcome them and whatever. I went to pick Jamie up from her class so she could come by and shake sister’s hand… but by the time I waded through the crowd and waited at the door and got back into the sanctuary, Sarabeth was over the whole process. They dismiss the little ones ONE AT A TIME for safety sake so it takes forever. It’s still worth it to see Jamie’s face light up when they say, “Aunt Heather’s here…”
So next week Sarabeth’s daddy will baptize her and Aunt Heather will go back into the baptistery with her to help her get ready and to take pictures from that angle. Angie is leading music next week so she has to be out front. I hope Sarabeth doesn’t freeze up at time for baptism. I’d hate for it to look like we’re dragging the poor kid kicking and screaming into the faith. “Here Jim… you grab her legs and I’ll hold her head under until she’s good and buried with Christ in baptism, then we’ll raise her up to walk in the newness of life”. Oh man. It’s gonna be something. At least that way… if I’m mushy from watching her get baptized, I’ll have the opportunity to fix my mascara before I go back into the worship service.

We went to lunch at the little Mexican restaurant in Helen after church. The kids sat at their own table. I looked up and Jamie was ordering for them. She’s 4. Like I said, not shy.
I started this entry right after lunch at it’s almost the end of the day. Gonna post and finish up my stuff.

The doctor called back. She wants to see me again. Says I shouldn’t still be coughing. Wants to try something else. I have an appointment for Wednesday. Oh joy.

More later, maybe.


Humward said...

"Buried with Christ in baptism....





and raised to walk in the newness of life."

(Or at least that's how it felt to me. I was like "come on, man, is this a baptism or a drowning!")

Anonymous said...

Nathan's had Christ in his heart for a while now, although one night last week he came to me with tears over how does he KNOW he is saved. I explained to him that when he is ready he can be baptized and that is to show to the world that he is following in Christ's footsteps by being baptized, just like Jesus was baptized. He's not afraid of the water, it's that getting up in front of the crowd and being the center of attention. He hates that! So did Natalie. It took her a while to work up the courage to be baptized when she was saved. Nathan asked if he could have a private baptism . . . I suppose he could, but that kinda defeats the purpose of letting folks know . . . I feel for Angie and Jim, I know exactly what they must be feeling. THEY know what Sarabeth feels and knows in her own heart, its just getting her to that end point that is tricky. Hope all goes well Sunday. I'll be thinking about her. And glad Aunt Heather is there to watch it!

mawmaw said...

Alot of people probably have the feeling of not knowing for sure, sometimes I do

LYN said...

tell her you want Avelox..and a course of steroids and an inhaler!!

I have lousy lungs (don't smoke and never have) because I had Whopping cough as a child ..when I get bronchitis that is the only regime that works for me!!