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My People
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Saturday, July 18, 2009

my life is average

Random thoughts from today:

I dropped Austin and his girlfriend off at the theatre to see Harry Potter and went to run errands. The kids think I was being super sacrificial and allowing them some privacy. I really didn't want to see the movie.

I'm still coughing. I've bought so much cough syrup, I think it would be cheaper to just buy liquor and risk judgment from the baptists.

I've been reading too much. I'm thinking in terms of MLIA constantly.

I bought a salad from the salad bar at Ingles for dinner. I put some extra things on my salad that I normally wouldn't get because I didn't want the woman in front of me to feel rushed.

Austin's girlfriend is afraid of me. I think I'm a nice person. I told her I wasn't scary crazy, that I'm fun crazy, it just takes a little while to see it.

I saw a girl from my Sunday School class at Ingles and pretended not to see her because she was with her kids and I couldn't remember their names. I also didn't want to chat. I also looked really bad.

I saw a man wearing overalls cut off below his knees - like capri overalls - and work boots. My first thought was that I need to remind Mary not to let Doug dress this way. I don't think he ever would but apparently, there's no one in that poor guy's life to tell him not to go out in public that way.

But then again, I wasn't looking too good myself.

A girl whose blog I read (who I've never met) stayed in Jonesboro (where we used to live) last night. I somehow felt closer to her because of that connection. She was just passing through on her way to Florida. I was an hour and a half away from Jonesboro. But we were closer.

I bought the Sunday paper advance edition while I was in civilization today waiting on the kids to finish their movie. I haven't read it yet. It feels like cheating to read it before Sunday.

I bought the Food Network magazine and the Weight Watchers magazine, hoping that they would counteract each other. Then I read the Food Network magazine while eating my salad and thought maybe it would have been better to read the Weight Watchers magazine with the salad and pair the Food Network magazine with the ice cream.

We went to Starbucks today. I almost got high from the smell. I forgot how much I love Starbucks. Then I thought about my friends who have never been to Starbucks and thought maybe I should write a blog entry on Starbucks for rookies. I had an iced green tea and oatmeal. Starbucks sells oatmeal! And it was good! It came with brown sugar and nuts and dried fruit.

I've had the single cup coffee maker for three years. It was one of the gifts that Michael used to lure me into his lair. For three years I've bought the expensive single serve things. The closest place to get them here is at Target. I used my last one yesterday. Target was sold out today so I bought the attachment (for $3.74) to be able to use my own coffee grounds with the machine. Instead of spending $20 for 36 cups of coffee... I spent $8.74. I don't know how many cups that will make but I bet it makes more than 36 at two tablespoons a cup for strong coffee. I made a cup and it was better than the premade cups. I want back all the money I've wasted on coffee in the past three years!

I'm watching a show on the History channel about cheese making. They said, "the art of cheese making is a craft" and I thought for a second that maybe that's where Kraft cheese got it's name. But then I remembered that Kraft was the guy's last name. Making cheese is about using controlled spoilage. That makes me not really want cheese.

Gonna go catch up on the Big Brother house recaps... have a great evening, y'all!


Anonymous said...

Doug has never, nor will he ever, wear boots with cut-off overalls. He doesn't have any cut-off overalls. He has, however, worn his boots with shorts. Just about freaked my niece out at the hotel at Disney this summer. My kids are used to it.

Kelly Dawn said...

hey woman my life if average average....guess what? do you remember how upset i was over the way i was treated at my fathers funeral? and the fact that my little brother was getting married at the end of june and I was going to come and see you while i was there cause they got married in Helen Georgia????? Yeah never got my invitation..NEVER...isnt that special???

Unknown said...

Loved are way above average, my firend!!!

Monae said...

Hello. I wanted to say that I enjoyed reading your entry you posted. I saw that you had cherry garcia ice cream that is one that I like. I live in Riverdale, Georgia. I happen to also like Starbucks I go there everytime I go to Barnes & Noble which is my favorite bookstore. Thanks for sharing your average life with us. Do take care.


LYN said...

lol @ the girlfriend being scared of you...

admit that you like that!! ;-)