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My People
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Thursday, March 18, 2010

editorial thankful thursday

Rielle Hunter. John Edwards.
Jesse James.
Tiger Woods.
Fidelity, anyone?
Not to be overly self-righteous but … come on! It’s sorta like that biscuit and gravy that I like to have on Saturday mornings at Glenda’s in Cleveland. Yeah… it’s good stuff. Rich, creamy gravy. The biggest, densest, most tender biscuit ever. But it lasts about 10 minutes and then it’s gone… and I always wonder if the damage that indulgence does to my weight loss efforts is worth those few moments of pleasure. Lifetime of impact for a few moments of bliss. Think about it. MJD. Cheated on your first baby mama while she was still pregnant. Cheated on the only woman you had the (in)decency to marry – who knows how many times. Likely, if you can find a willing subject, cheating on the woman who wrecked her children’s lives to be with you. John Edwards… cheating on a woman with cancer. How much longer will she live? Could you have not held out a few years? Jesse James… that sweet Sandra Bullock putting up with your baby mama drama and helping raise your child… giving you a lifestyle you never would have had on your own… Tiger Woods… making a mockery of marriage. Ain’t no gravy biscuit that good.

Maybe that’s the sort of thing that has come to me with experience… learning that not everything that makes you happy for a minute will make you happy for a lifetime. And you oughtta spend more time working on the things that can make you happy for a lifetime.

And I'm sorta struck by the phenomenon of women disrespecting other women by trying to move in on their men... and on women disrespecting themselves by going after sloppy seconds. Rielle's photos in GQ were sad... half naked with her daughter's toys? Mmm. Much like those totally inappropriate photos the MJD had of his paramour. Online. In a public folder. Smart women... doing stupid things. Sad.

My favorite things this week aka my thankful list:
1. The tv show Parenthood which features a kid with Asperger's.
2. The tv show The Office (which has a new episode tonight)
3. The NCAA Basketball tournament
4. My nieces – all dozen of them – I looked around at dinner last night and realized I was surrounded by girls! Me! The boy mama!
5. Going ITP (inside the perimeter) for a birthday lunch at the Hard Rock Café with my Stasha on Saturday
6. Orange, jasmine, passionfruit green tea
7. “wheatmeal” my hot wheat cereal that I had for breakfast. Mmm!
8. Thursdays which are infinitely better than Mondays
9. Beth Moore bible studies – we’re doing “Loving Well” right now and I … well, I love it.
10. Itty bitty kitty
11. Stubby the 3legged wondercat being tolerant of IBK
12. Payday
13. Groceries
14. Allegra. I have been completely free of meds this year but I realized today that I’m going to have to take allegra to survive spring in Georgia. Glad I got it filled last year before my deductible reset so I don’t have to pay for any to get through the spring.
15. My friend Sarah got married last Saturday. She has been waiting patiently for God’s will for her life. God has blessed her. That blesses me.
16. I’ve been watching a few other friends who have gone thru some yucky stuff start to see the happy side of things. That makes me happy.
17. Good times. Good friends. Good things that keep happening. Good things that are gonna happen in the future.
18. My shy little niece is going to be in the local talent show singing, “How do you solve a problem like Maria” in a nun costume. I can’t wait!
19. Cinnamon flavored “hot” gum

So about this healthcare bill… I completely agree that there needs to be some kind of affordable health care for those people who fall in the gap as far as eligibility and/or ability to pay. However… I think that you fix what’s broke and keep what works. This whole move to socialized medicine is insane. As a nation we just can’t afford it. Yes, it would be great to give everyone in our country everything they need… but it’s fiscally impossible. I’ve been poor most of my life. I’ve done without health insurance for years at a time. I know what it is to struggle to pay medical bills. I know what it is to struggle to pay health insurance costs and high deductibles and out of pocket expenses. I know what it’s like to have to choose between food and healthcare. I get it. I also know that from a business standpoint, having the government dictate what risks we have to accept – and allowing people to wait to purchase health insurance when they need it – is going to put health insurance companies out of business. The kind of behind the scenes deals that are going on to bribe votes is illegal. This “by any means necessary” style of governing is wrong. This “we know what’s better for you than you do” arrogance is wrong. And… I knew this is what would happen if Obama was elected. So… ten years from now when your health care still sucks and you’re giving more than half your paycheck to taxes and/or having to learn to speak Chinese because China OWNS us… I’ll be saying, “I told ya so”. In the meantime… better stockpile my allegra.

Hope you all have an awesome Thursday! Love and hugs!


moshell's lilbit of space said... is to an awesome Thursday :)

Hope your back is feeling better...I have been an awful accountability partner Heather....(sorry) 8 more weeks of school then I will be back. i am so OFF the track...but waiting to jump back on...

Remo said...

Once a cheater - always a cheater. It's all about insecurity and personal integrity.

Have a great weekend!