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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, March 22, 2010

happy monday!

Yeah. I have a lot to say about healthcare but no time to say it today. No editorial… just a “forward”…
Had a wonderful time Saturday with Stasha and Austin in the big city… but suffered for it Sunday.
My body can no longer take fried, rich foods. Oy.
Yesterday I fixed pasta primavera for lunch and a veggie frittata for dinner. I think I may avoid meat this week.
Banana for breakfast – kashi veggie meal for lunch.
Austin loved the veggie frittata. He went back for seconds. It was super easy.
I desperately need a new flat iron. I'm tired of bad hair days. I found one I want but it's on hold until child support comes.

Below is a forward about the healthcare bill. I haven’t checked out all these statements but I will. The bottom line is that the bigger the government gets, the smaller your individual freedoms get. You may be ok with that… but I’m not. Even if it meant that I would be getting better, cheaper health care (and I’m not).
Ask your military friends how much they like Tri-care (or whatever it’s called).
Ask your parents/grandparents how much they like Medicare.
I have an older client who has medicare and Medicaid and has been shopping for a personal supplemental insurance because she can’t find a doctor to accept her Medicaid. This is our future.
So not only will it not be cheaper or better – you may not even be able to get it. Period.
Anyways… the more I research this, the more I will share…
Liberals will call me racist… which is laughable… but that’s how “free” speech works these day.
Well. Never mind... the forward is a mess when I copy and paste. No time to clean it up now.
I'll review and post later.
Hope you're having a great Monday!