My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Sunday, March 14, 2010


The second cup of coffee always feels so indulgent. The first cup is maintenance... like brushing your teeth... that thing that must be done to get your day started. The second cup means you have a few extra minutes to linger... you can enjoy it... I'm having a second cup now and it's amazing.

Remember me saying I was excited to see how God would provide? He has. Not in a big unexpected large financial blessing but in more of a "manna from heaven" kind of way. I had a grocery list written out to get on Friday with the bare essentials to get us through until payday and I just haven't felt like going to the store... yet every time I go to the pantry at meal time, there's something there that I hadn't realized was there before... a few extra chicken breasts in the freezer... a can of soup I didn't realize I had... we've eaten well this weekend and the miracle of that daily bread is not lost on me. Maybe it's a miracle I wish I didn't have to see but it's a miracle none the less. He cares so much for us.

I made an awesome casserole yesterday... baked chicken breasts in coconut milk and spinach. I had a little fresh spinach left - about half a package - and 3/4 can coconut milk. I thought... it's crazy enough that it just might work! And it did! I added a little lime salt and garlic powder and it was so good!

I'm watching University of Kentucky play in the SEC Men's Basketball championship game. I have been a UK fan for years... long before Michael turned me on to the Gators.... and I'm so proud of this young team for what they've accomplished this year. There are few schools in the country that have the kind of strong basketball tradition Kentucky does. (North Carolina - Duke - can't really think of any others this deep). I love the passion of the Kentucky fans, especially Ashley Judd who cheers like a crazed woman on the sidelines. I'm more excited about the NCAA tournament this year than I have been in years. Can't wait to do my bracket! My friend Michelle messaged me yesterday that I'm a sportsaholic.

Bit-bit the unnamed ferocious kitty is so rotten that he drinks from a glass now. He has a water dish but he prefers for us to hold a glass and tilt it so he can drink. I'm thinking that this may be a cat that I can actually toilet train. I'm going to research it. He's a quick study. He's already figured out that he has us wrapped around his little paws. Stubby is still mostly tolerant of him. If bitty kitty gets on his nerves Stubby just gives a low growl and a nudge. I caught him hissing once or twice and popped him on the nose for it.

Had some issues with Austin last night that I won't elaborate on here... he's got a few bad habits that he insists on enjoying that needed to be brought under control. It cost me from getting much sleep last night... I slept from about 4am to 7am... and am wiped out today. But the only thing on my agenda today is a shower and a small grocery run.... and some basketball...

Hope you have a great Sunday...