My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Thursday, March 25, 2010

ten minute entry - again

Hair done. War paint on. Dressed. Fed. Lunch prepared. Dinner selected. Cats fed. I can spend ten minutes on a blog entry.

Yesterday my friend and co-worker, Theresa, gave me a pink nintendo DS for Sarabeth and Jamie. Theresa bought it for herself and ended up not really enjoying it... so she gave it to the girls. I wondered if they would even know what it was... but Jamie (who is five and in pre-k) opened the case and said, "A NINTENDO DS!!!!" Her parents said, "how do you know what that it?" It was cute. It had one game - brain age - which my insanely brilliant nieces knew how to play. Go figure. I'm looking for some age appropriate games for them.

My greatest joy, though, was being able to hand Sarabeth a blank greeting card and say, "we need to make a thank you card for Mrs. Theresa"... and having SB - completely without any further instruction - know exactly how to do that. The only help she needed was knowing how to spell Theresa. When I say that these are the sweetest, smartest girls in the world, I'm not kidding.

Sarabeth's big performance at the talent show is tomorrow night! Dress rehearsal today. Praying that she doesn't get a case of nerves. Praying also for our friends Jorjanne and Haili who are also in the show.

My allergies are some better today. I had a grocery list of aches and pains when I woke up at 4am today... but I'm feeling better.

Austin brought me a daffodil yesterday. My apologies to the people who own the yard he stole it from. The thought that counts... right?

Two more minutes...
great coffee this morning...wearing red today... great bible study group last night... love my girls and love our leader, Alisa... rain on the way... haven't lost weight.... wheatmeal for breakfast, salad on tap for lunch... baby kitty is playing king of the mountain with Stubbs....

have a great day, friends! love and hugs!