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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, March 29, 2010

People are getting on my nerves today so if you’re people… I apologize if I’m short with you. It’s one of those days that it needs to just be me and the cats. However… later… I’m picking up Jamie and Sarabeth from school and taking them to dance class. That always makes me happy. That will help my crummy mood.
Austin got into some trouble last night. I won’t go into great detail here. Normal, stupid, rite of passage kid stuff that would be one of those things that people who have a reliable co-parent would be able to discuss with the other person in the world who brought that child into the world and who loves them unconditionally and wants the best for them and those two people would make a loving but firm decision on appropriate discipline and stand firm together. Unfortunately, that person doesn’t exist in Austin’s world. In the past when I’ve attempted to discipline my children in a manner that I considered appropriate, they’ve been able to find a softer path to follow. Trust me when I say it makes parenting that much more difficult, knowing that exhibit A and exhibit B both bailed out when I disciplined them in a manner that I considered appropriate for their infractions. So I either A) do nothing and allow my child to continue down a path that I consider a poor choice for him or B) I stand firm, discipline him and know that it might mean, for the third time, that one of my birdies flies the nest too soon. It makes me sick.
So… that has me in a foul temper.
I’m also fairly aggravated that my youngest brother, who was a HUGE part of my children’s growing up years, is bailing out of Cody’s wedding for some dance thing that his wife has. I think it sucks. I flew to Memphis on the 25th anniversary of Elvis’ death right in the middle of a run of my first professional theatre gig and missed a very important event in a very special friend’s life to be at this brother’s wedding. It was a miserable and exhausting time for me but we moved heaven and earth to be there for him. I was broke – other than theatre, I wasn’t working – I had to get a buddy pass from a friend to be able to fly there… on standby… on the 25th anniversary of Elvis’ death. But I did it. I made him a priority. My kids have been raised that family obligations are not optional. They go to little cousins’ birthday parties and baptisms and whatever else comes down the pipe. If his wife can’t come – fine. He should be there.
Of course, this is the same brother that caused me to have to spend this past Christmas alone. Since he and his family were going to be at my aunt’s for Christmas I was uninvited. I’m not bitter. I just think he’s making some poor decisions. I am not quite sure how Jim and I managed to develop a close bond and appreciation for family yet he missed it. I was certainly there for him throughout his young life. I took him to school. I attended all his little shows and dance recitals and ballgames. I CRIED when I missed his first tball homerun. I took him to Panama City after graduation. Cody was extraordinarily close to him and… he’s just blowing him off. And I think that sucks. And since this is my blog, I’m going to complain about it here.
Especially since one brother will miss because it conflicts with his religion. They aren’t allowed to attend any other type of church service other than their own.
I could understand if it was Bryan & Candice not coming since that involves a huge travel expense with them coming from New York. But… at last check… they’re coming.
Jim and Angie are the most highly scheduled and obligated people in the family. It’s the last day of school. Yet they’re managing to come.
So… yeah… that’s aggravating.
Between kids and brothers and the fact that I’m the only intelligent life left on this planet… (ok… maybe there are a FEW others)… I’m frustrated.
Looking forward to some girly girl pink happy ballet time this afternoon.
But I am happy with Cody and Ryan and the fact that they’re both working hard. Marquee is doing awesome in school. Thank goodness she’ll be able to one day support Cody. She’s going to be a pharmacist.
I’m loving my sweet fur boys even if it takes an act of Congress for me to be able to get up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night since they both sleep on top of me.
If I could just convince Bit-Bit that my toes are not the enemy and he doesn’t have to chew them.
Ever tried to put on pantyhose with an attack kitten around?
I’m working really hard at not coughing today. Last time the bronchitis caused so much irritation in my throat that even after the lung part was cleared up, I still coughed for another month afterwards. I’m trying to keep those coughs under control.
Yes, possibly, this whole coughing thing has me a bit irritable as well.
My birthday is in one month. That makes me happy. I still love birthdays.
My friend A.T. is getting married on the 24th. Her husband to be is a huge bowler. The reception will be at the local bowling alley. I think that’s way cool, although I probably won’t bowl.
I spoke to a guy this morning who is part of a Vietnam Vets association. They are doing a memorial for some guys who attended a local college who died in Vietnam. My children’s’ grandfather is being honored. They wanted to make sure we’d be able to be there. He wanted to see how much my kids knew about their grandfather’s death. He said, “do they know he’s a hero?” I told him that yes, I had always raised them to understand the sacrifice he made. He thanked me. It’s hard sometimes to reconcile the numbers of war dead with actual families… to realize that it’s not just about a widow or a kid or two… but the generational impact of these lives that are lost. That’s on the 17th.
Austin will be going to my parents for spring break so although I’ll be working, I’ll have a little break.
My wheatmeal from breakfast is wearing off. Lean cuisine pizza for lunch. I meant to do some beans in the crock pot for dinner and forgot. Oops.
Hope you have a happy, joyful, peaceful, grump free Monday. The best thing about Monday is that once it’s over you don’t have to do it again for a whole week! Woohoo!


Anonymous said...

Whew! Don't know why, but I held my breath that entire entry. Hope your day got better. Are you going to AT's wedding? Trying to make plans ~ Nat's got a dance thing that day and I'm trying to see if I can do both. When is Cody getting married?