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My People
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

what's in your garden?

Mary said...
We're getting ready to plant the garden ~ what would you like in it?
March 25, 2010 10:37 AM

Mmmm.... this got me thinking about fresh produce! My granddaddy Pennington always had a fabulous farm... the things I remember most are the strawberries, blackberries and figs. There was other good stuff, too, healthy stuff, but those are the things I remember. Well. That and worms. He kept an old refrigerator turned on its side in his tool shed - filled with soil and earthworms. He sold the worms for fishing bait. They ate worm chow. Seriously. Purina Worm Chow.

Anyways... *AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION TIME*.... if you were planting a garden, what would you grow? What tastes best when it's freshly harvested? Here's my list:
all kinds of peppers (i love colored bell peppers and they're so durn expensive)
cucumbers (nothing tastes like a fresh home grown cucumber!)
cilantro and parsley and other herb-y things
sweet onions
any kind of bean

When I was in California with Jen a few years back, my number one favorite tourist spot was NOT the Golden Gate Bridge or beautiful Monterey or the historic Presidio or getting sick on Lombard Street or feeling hip and groovy in the Castro District... my favorite place that we visited was the little farm stand where they sold artichokes. The had artichokes prepared every which-a-way. We had fried artichoke hearts and steamed artichokes. We bought artichokes to have for our hotel picnic later that evening. My favorite thing to do on the weekends here in the summertime is to visit all our favorite little farm stands. I guess I'm an agri-tourist!

So... to paraphrase the credit card commercial... what's in your garden?


Dutch said...

I have a big garden and every year I try to plant something different. We always go with tomatoes, bell peppers, broccoli, cabbage ( I make a mean cole slaw) cucumbers, brussel sprouts we did last year but I don't think we are going to do them this year. We had strawberries for a few years but not this year. I know we did green onions and zucchini last year and I am not sure about this year. We start planting in May so I have some time to decide.

Anonymous said...

Here's my plan:

yellow crookneck squash (my favorite!!)
zucchini squash
bell peppers, banana peppers, hot peppers
rattlesnake beans
But no peas! I can't stand to shell peas! Love to eat them, but can't stand to shell them.

Do you remember when Ryan and Cody weeded the garden? Think they'll come weed it again??

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah ~ I forgot one thing: eggplant!