My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ten minute entry

I have ten minutes to do this so I'm not going to edit for spelling or content. Don't judge.
Allergies are out of control this morning. Having trouble breathing. This is no good.
Jamie has a sinus infection. She had to go to the doctor yesterday. When they stopped by the office on the way to dance she gave me a monologue about her day, "got up, went to the doctor, went back to the house, waited a little while, daddy took me to mommy's work, mommy took me to get sister... " She cracks me up. Such a doll.
Jamie has decided that Bit Bit is the perfect name for baby kitty. She said he looks like a tiger.
So his official name is Bit Bit the Ferocious Warrior Kitty.
He's rotten. Has to sit on my chest or shoulder. That won't work for long, especially if he grows into his huge paws.
Kate Gosselin on Dancing with the Stars. Wow. Honey... point your toes. I can't stand it. I wanted her to do well. She looked great but her dancing was just sad.
I'm having a hard time writing this entry because Bit Bit is sitting on my chest grooming himself and he keeps moving his head in front of my face where I can't see the screen.
Breakfast was "wheatmeal" and a banana. Yum.
Bit Bit thinks I'm supposed to share everything I eat with him. I'm trying to teach him "no". Stubby understands "no".
Another bad hair day. Ugh. I found the straightening iron I want on for $35. I may go ahead and order it.
Or I'll check at walmart to see if they have it first.
It may sound vain but ... my hair isn't long enough to leave curly... it won't do the ringlets. And I can't NOT straighten it.
Two more minutes.
Austin called Cody last night. It's interesting... he's really starting to try to connect with his brothers. I think that's cool. Austin is looking for a job and Stasha suggested he could be a busboy so he called Cody to find out what that entails (since Cody did that for awhile).
Time for work!