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My People
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

whiny wednesday

I'm sleepy. I feel like I can't get enough sleep this week.

I moved the couch on Saturday and my back was already hurting from that... then this guy ran into me yesterday on my way to work. No damage to my car - no additional damage - it's already messed up from where Michael ran into me "as a joke" two years ago. I'm not incapacitated or anything like that... just a little sore.

I finally opened a checking account with a local bank yesterday. That will make life a little easier on payday.

I got an email from the kids' dad yesterday. Two months ago he had the best job ever and was going to catch up on child support. He paid for one week. Then two weeks ago he had another brand new job and was going to start paying. The email indicated this new job still hasn't worked out. Parts of me feel sorry for him... parts of me think he's just trying to bide his time until Austin turns 18. This is nothing new for him, though.

We are still really enjoying the baby kitty although he is spoiled rotten. His favorite game is to chase the cursor on my laptop. He's so affectionate... loves cuddling. Stubby is more of a "tolerator" than a cuddler.

I'm so tired. Need to get up and make coffee.

Working on a positive attitude.

The blender wouldn't work... tried to make a smoothie.
Austin did a poor job (again) loading the dishwasher and broke one of my favorite dishes. Last week it was the measuring cup.
That wiped out plan b for breakfast - hot wheat cereal - because it had to be measured.
If I can just survive until Austin is grown, life will be a breeze. Seems like every day there's a new crisis or new expense related to him. d
I've raised the bar on him... I told him I expect to see adult behavior from him... I expect him to understand by now that dirty dishes go in the sink/dishwasher and trash goes in the trash can and laundry goes in the laundry room. Basics.
I expect him to take out the trash when it's full, not wait for me to ask.
I had a baked potato with sprouts for breakfast.
In Superpoke Pets the gardening function was not working and I had some things to harvest. Seems minor... but it was just one of those little aggravators.
My head hurts.
My back doesn't hurt as much as I thought it would.
I was supposed to have the follow up cystoscopy this afternoon - following up on what they did the week before Christmas. The expense was prohibitive - between $300-$500 out of pocket plus missed work. Last time it took about ten days before I felt well. Longer before I was pain free. I haven't had any other symptoms so after talking to the nurse yesterday, we decided to put it off until June. Ish. I don't wanna. I don't like it. Of course... if I have another kidney infection between now and then I'll do it.
Have to finish my bracket for the NCAA basketball tournament. I'm going with a lot of underdogs. I'm a big fan of underdogs. I'm entering several contests with it... there's only a small chance that I could win but ... it's free to enter so why not?
I'm sick to my stomach. Must be the potato and sprouts.

Short day at work today... then church tonight. I bought these huge suckers for Sarabeth, Jamie and Jorjanne. Austin picked them out. I love giving surprises. I include Jorjanne because she's always just as excited to see me as Sarabeth and Jamie... and because her mom is a single mom... a great single mom... but I know how stretched those single mom resources can be. If I could afford to, I'd adopt another dozen nieces... so much fun... hate that David's kids are so far away - both geographically and emotionally - because I would spoil them too. It's my greatest joy to be able to give gifts to others.

Still working on that attitude but it's getting better.

Love and hugs.


Tawnya said...

I know what you mean about the sleep. Okay, so if your divorce was in Florida Austin could legally sue his dad for back owed child support when he turns 18 ( I think!) That might be an avenue worth exploring. Don't feel sorry for him because he has done this to himself. I know it sounds mean, but he counts on your feeling sorry for him... Just sayin. I've been there.

Kelly Dawn said...

i know it doesnt help you there but in Texas as long as he still owes back child support? he is responsible to pay it to YOU! period..that may be the case in Georgia too...

Anonymous said...

Kelly ~ it is the case in Georgia as well. Dear Daddy doesn't get off the hook just because Austin turns 18. New child support obligations would cease, but he would still owe what he already owes, plus interest.