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My People
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday Random stuff

I’m so glad that I’ve never had good enough credit to accumulate much debt.
My sister-in-law asked me if I was having a better week this week. I don’t even remember what last week’s drama was. Each week holds its’ own trials and tribulations. This week I have faced aggravations and frustrations and situations that weren’t necessarily my ideal. But honestly… life is good. I have nothing to complain about.
I broke down and bought a new straightening iron last night. I decided it was a necessity, not a luxury, for a girl with naturally curly hair living in the south.
I’m on hold… have been for twenty minutes… this haughty heifer who works in our billing department tried to get smart with me earlier in the week. I knew what I was talking about. She didn’t. It took me a few well placed calls but I prevailed. Or – I should say – the customer’s best interests were served.
Another problem this morning… out of the dozens of reps in that area… I end up with the same haughty heifer. She’s being very cautious with me today and it’s taking FUH-ever for her to review things with her supervisor. I’m right again. She just has to come on to my way of thinking.
Bit-bit the Ferocious Warrior got spooked by a piece of pink yarn last night. I’m not sure what he thought it was but he jumped about two feet and caught his claw on my hand. I’ve got little puncture wounds all over me from his claws. When can they have them removed?
I’m sure it’s purely coincidental but the cats have been rotating between sleeping with me and Austin. One night they both sleep with me… the next they both sleep with him.
They never split up. They’re always together. Whether we’re watching tv or whatever… it’s kinda sweet. Bitty kitty was up on his tippy-paws last night with his two front paws on either side of Stubby’s head trying to wash behind Stubby’s ears… and Stubby’s motor was purring full blast. He could barely reach him but he was giving it his best effort. Stubby needed a friend.
This week is speeding by, thank the Lord.
Sarabeth’s talent show is Friday night. We’re so excited! I’ll be taking lots of pictures.
Confession time. I ate a whole foot long meatball sub last night. I was stuffed to the gills and sick as a dog afterwards. It was soooo good!
I just bought a bbq ticket for a benefit bbq… supporting missions in Mexico. They deliver the bbq to our office on Friday. Since the money goes to a good cause, those calories won’t count, right?
More anonymous comments. Accusations that the phrasing of the bill is being twisted. The sad thing is… even if only parts of it were true… it’s still a socialist endeavor and it goes beyond what I believe government involvement in health care should be. Beyond that… the process of passing this bill walked all over the Constitution and makes me fear for our future freedom. Don’t Tread On Me.
There are a lot of people out there who don’t pay their taxes as it is. Raising taxes won’t make the dishonest people any more honest. It just creates more of a burden on the law abiding, hard working citizens. And a TANNING tax? Seriously?
I think goldfish crackers need Tabasco sauce.
By the way – previously mentioned issue – resolved. I’m good like that.
Since Candice joined the urban organic food delivery service, I’ve enjoyed going to the website to see what they’re getting in their box. Gives me ideas on what produce to buy for us! (or... I'm stalking my brother's menu....)
I’m doing a salad with jicama for lunch tomorrow. Didn’t have time to put it together today. I love getting a salad from the salad bar at the local grocery store for lunch. I could eat nothing but produce and be happy. Don’t know why I find myself eating meatball subs. And goldfish.
I just emailed my brother to see what we’re having for dinner at church tonight. Am I obsessed with food?
Lunch time! Healthy Choice sesame chicken. High sodium... low cal.


Annie said...

Just wondering...did you watch Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution on abc? Thought I would mention it since you seem interested in nutrition. Have a great day. ~Annie

Tawnya said...

LOL@ stalking my brother's menu. I don't think that you are obsessed with food, mainly because you are honest about it. Most people are not. I agree with you on this so called bill.

Anonymous said...

We're getting ready to plant the garden ~ what would you like in it?